3 Reasons to Become a Service Desk Analyst

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    Service desk analysts are IT professionals who help customers resolve their technical issues. They are trained to deliver excellent customer service and support services for an organization. They often communicate with customers via telephone or live chat to help resolve user issues.

    There are a few minor differences between a help desk analyst and an IT technician, with the biggest one being the type of support they provide. A service analyst’s day to day roles and responsibilities revolve around providing remote technical support, while an IT technician will go on-site to resolve software or hardware issues.

    There are five help desk duties that keep the role engaging, if you enjoy daily challenges and opportunities for growth and improvement. We also gathered three reasons why you should become a service desk analyst.

    1. Job Satisfaction

    Service desk analyst positions come with job satisfaction, as you see the result of the help you provide first-hand. Customers and clients provide feedback and reviews that let you know how you were able to help them resolve their technical issues. 


    According to ALIS, the starting hourly wage for IT desk support positions is $26.38 which increases with experience, and can go up to $ 38.52. There is room to advance in the IT profession and move up the ladder towards other positions with higher salary expectations.

    3.Remote Work

    One of the aspects of working as a support analyst is that you can often find remote work. Companies will hire Information technology experts to work from home via a secure telephone and internet connection. 

    How to become a Service Desk Analyst

    Now that you understand the three reasons why this career can be rewarding, we can dive into how you can pursue the role. Most job descriptions for this position require a service desk analyst training, or a related IT diploma. Once you have your education, it's a matter of setting a new job alert and finding a position that works for you. With numerous opportunities to advance n your career, this is a role that will keep your brain juice flowing.  

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