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You now have an immense network of professional contacts in addition to a solid educational and practical background in your chosen field. Use this opportunity to connect with people who could be great resources for your next job, and beyond! The ABM College Alumni Association is also a place for you to find out more about:

Career Services

Our employment counsellors are here for you! Get all the help you need for your job searches now and into the future with employment services, job boards and personalized career coaching. This is a free service available to all ABM College alumni. Book an appointment online today!

Career Services
First Aid Certifications

When your CPR/AED and/or First Aid certifications are up for renewal, inquire about upcoming classes. We offer a variety of different training courses to ensure you're fully certified in each area required to advance your career. These classes are very low cost for ABM College alumni.

CPR & First Aid Training
Photo Gallery

Download images of your ABM College graduation ceremony or other important campus events on our photo gallery. You can keep the images for personal use free of charge. Don't see an image you'd like to have?

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Photo Gallery
Anwar Mahmud
"AMB College is one the best private health institutes in Calgary, and provides healthcare training for thousands of young ambitious men and women. I am proud of the college's services, including its staff and tutors. I am impressed by their Health Care Aid program which helped me find a fabulous opportunity in my life."
Cyrus Preglo
"My professor was very knowledgeable of the curriculum she was handling, from classroom to laboratory. My clinical instructor was also very knowledgeable, helping me to experience actual work, very safe for me, my clients and others. I am very proud to have graduated from ABM College."