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Pharmacy Assistant Diploma

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Monday, December 5, 2022
Tuesday, January 3, 2023
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Engaging Classrooms
Passionate and knowledgeable instructors use both practical and theory components for easy learning
Real Pharmacy Experience
Students practice their skills in a mock pharmacy lab on-campus and have an extended 6-week practicum in a real pharmacy
Industry-Standard Software
Students learn first-hand with software programs that are mostly used in modern pharmacy settings

Pharmacy Assistant Diploma


53 Weeks




On-site / Online / Combination


Morning Evening Weekend

Pharmacy Assistant Diploma Summary

ABM College’s Pharmacy Assistant Diploma Program is a comprehensive program designed to prepare students with all of the skills and knowledge they will require to become a professional Pharmacy Assistant. With hands-on training in realistic simulation labs and a full 6-week practicum in retail and facility setting placements, students are uniquely and effectively prepared to succeed in this rewarding and exciting career opportunity.

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Pharmacy Assistant Diploma Description

The ABM College Pharmacy Assistant Diploma Program gives students the practical skills necessary to be employed as a Pharmacy Assistant. Students gain relevant knowledge of the technical and clerical aspects of the pharmacy profession, including principles of pharmacy practice, pharmacology, software, drug terminology, pharmacy mathematics, inventory maintenance, record keeping, pharmacy equipment, and an introduction to compounding and prescription preparations.

Students end the program with an intensive six-week practicum that allows them to gather real-world experience in both a retail and facility setting. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are qualified to work as a pharmacy assistant in a wide variety of care facility or retail pharmacy environments.

Career Opportunities

  • Pharmacy Assistant
  • Hospital Pharmacy Assistant
  • Clinic Pharmacy Assistant
  • Compounding Pharmacy Assistant
  • Pharmacy Distribution Clerk

Salary Range

Pharmacy Assistant Diploma Information Kit

This kit includes important details on the Pharmacy Assistant Diploma program at ABM College.

Note: For non-domestic students with a study permit or visa, please see our International Students form here.

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Pharmacy Assistant Diploma

Admission Requirements

Standard Admission

Students must meet the following criteria: 1. Grade 12 or equivalent and successful completion of Biology 30, Science 30, Math 30 or 33 and English 30 or 33. 2. Successful interview with school administration. 3. Clean criminal record. 4. Current immunization report.

Mature Admission

Students must meet all of the following criteria: 1. Must be 18 years or older(BC residents must be 19 years of age). 2. Fifty credits toward an Alberta High School, with 50% or better in a Grade 10 English and Grade 10 Mathematics, or non-Alberta equivalent, or successful completion of ABM Admission test using the Wonderlic Scholastic Level exam with a minimum score of 15. 3. Clean criminal record.

Detailed Requirements

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Course Components

1. Principals of Pharmacy Practice

Course Description: This course will focus on helping students understand the role of the pharmacy assistant and their duties and responsibilities. The course will discuss specifically on the gradual stages of development in the pharmacy profession. We will also learn to differentiate among various workplace environments such as community and institutional. This course will also educate students on the Law and Ethics in the pharmacy workplace. At the end of the course, students will be able to explain the various cultural origins of pharmacy and their impact on the profession.

2. Community Pharmacy Practice

Course Description: The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the retail pharmacy workplace. This course takes a practical view in educating the students on how to receive prescriptions and be efficient at problem solving. We will emphasize customer communication skills and body language. The course will also explore the importance of inventory management within the pharmacy. We intend to develop skills needed for being an efficient Pharmacy Assistant in a retail environment.

3. Hospital Pharmacy Practice

Course Description: This course outlines how the hospital pharmacy works and the role of the pharmacy assistant within it. It gives students a look at how the hospital pharmacy operates differently from the community pharmacy. It explains single-unit dose medications and equipment like PACMED machines, which are involved in packaging the unit dose medication. The course also outlines sterile compounding and the safety procedures that have to be followed before, during and after sterile procedures.

4. Pharmacy Math and Calculations

Course Description: The aim of this course is to help students perform the required mathematical calculations while working in a pharmacy. The course will mainly focus on dosage and other calculations required for basic compounding in the pharmacy. It is essential for a pharmacy assistant to be able to understand the importance of decimals, as little change in decimals could lead to medication errors.

5. Anatomy and Physiology

Course Description: Anatomy is defined as the study of the body structures, and Physiology is the function of the body structures. It is important for a pharmacy assistant to have a brief idea of the body systems and how they work. This course will help them in understanding Pharmacology, and where and how medications act in the body.

6. Pharmacology

Course Description: This course provides concrete knowledge on different drugs, and focuses on a practical and applied approaches to Pharmacology. The primary focus is on the brand name and generic names of drugs, which is essential for a pharmacy assistant when working in the pharmacy. Knowledge on different classifications, look-alike and sound-alike drugs, and their adverse effects will help in reducing the duplication of medication from the same class and thus reducing dispensing errors.

7. Pharmacy Compounding

Course Description: This module focuses on helping students understand the concepts and procedures of compounding. It will emphasize patient safety regulations during sterile preparations and help students develop basic and advanced compounding skills.

8. Pharmacy Software (Kroll)

Course Description: This course will help students learn the basic and advanced skills of industry-standard pharmacy software system Kroll.

9. Microsoft Office

This training will help students to effectively utilize all the features of Microsoft Office products, and increase productivity. Students become well versed in the Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook applications. This 4-week module helps students sharpen their computer and Office skills and prepare for the main course modules.

10. Capstone Career Prep

Students work with a professional career counsellor to develop and optimize a professional resume to put forward for employers. Additional support in job searching, interview techniques, and other career transition skills are offered to ensure students have the best possible work prospects.

11. Practicum

Course Description: Students will gain practical and hands-on experience to apply the knowledge and skills learned in class to real-world experiences in a professional capacity.

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