Health Care Aide Certificate

Health Care Aide Certificate Summary

The demand for Health Care Aides is very high, and their role is very important in helping the most vulnerable in our society. Graduates of ABM College’s Health Care Aide program will have a broad range of abilities including ensuring the safety, comfort, and well-being of clients with sensitivity and respect. Students are also provided with key certifications such as Advanced Medication Administration, Foot Care, Palliative Care, and more. Students also receive professional employment training and 320 hours of practicum placement to ensure they are ready to start their new career immediately.

Latest Learning Equipment

Students have access to a state-of-the-art laboratory for practical learning

Extra Program Add-ons

Extensive post-program training for various certifications that students can add-on

In-City Practicums

Our students receive automatic placements at transit-accessible facilities in Calgary


Health Care Aide


33 Weeks
12 In-Class
11 Practicum


Calgary Campus





Career Opportunities

  • Health Care Aide
  • Home Support Worker
  • Caregiver
  • Residential Aide
  • Client Care Attendanthealth care aide workplace
health care aide average salary

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Health Care Aide Certificate Description

Students of ABM College's Health Care Aide Certification program will obtain skills in the basics of human anatomy, medical terminology, chronic conditions, palliative care, and much more. This intensive program provides academic health care knowledge in 7.5 months and includes practical experience through a practicum.

Health Care Aide graduates pursue careers in a variety of clinical and care settings, and work with elderly patients with mental health issues, dementia, and patients with special needs. Working environments for Health Care Aides encompass a wide variety of settings including home care agencies, hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, long-term care, government agencies, and group homes.

Admission Requirements

Standard & Mature Admission

Students must meet ALL of these criteria*:
1. Grade 11 English Language Arts, 20-2 level course with a minimum score of 60% or Canadian jurisdiction equivalent; or
English 20-1 with a minimum score of 60% or Canadian jurisdiction equivalent; or
English 30-1 or 30-2 with a minimum score of 55% or Canadian jurisdiction equivalent; or
Deemed equivalent by completion of ACCUPLACER (assessment placement test)
2. Basic knowledge of computer and technology tools

Detailed Requirements

*Admission Requirements set by Government of Alberta

*If your first language is not English and you have not completed high school in Canada, please download and read the detailed program admission requirements.

Download full details on Health Care Aide Program entry requirements


Next Program Start Dates:

July 06, 2020 (Morning)

August 17, 2020 (Weekend)

Health Care Aide Program Information Kit

This kit includes a program brochure, admissions checklist, and useful information.
    *If you do not reside in Canada, please refer to our International Student Page.

Have Questions?
Speak to one of our admissions counsellors today.

Course Certifications

To give ABM College Health Care Aide graduates an upper hand in the industry, we provide students with the following additional certifications:

  • Non-violent Crisis Intervention (CPI)
  • Advanced Medication
  • Foot Care
  • National Food Safety (5 years)
  • Palliative Care
  • Supportive Pathways (Carewest)
  • Point of Care e-Documentation  
  • It's Your Move

For further information please contact an ABM College admissions counsellor.

"ABM has a great facility with everything I needed to become a skilled healthcare aide. ABM really gave me an experience that felt as close to working in a nursing home or hospital as humanly possible. I would recommend ABM to anyone looking for education that is authentic to the real job that is health care aide."
Brian. A.

"All staff are very nice and approachable. With all my dedication, I completed my course as HCA, with the help of my teacher and ABM College.They give advice to their students and guide us on the right track. And in two months, I was hired. The training and knowledge given by ABM College helped me a lot to be an effective Health Care Aide."
Roderick Albrando

"I was a student at ABM College as a part of the Health Care Aide program. I graduated after only six months and I had a good time learning in my class with my instructor and classmates. I recommend ABM College because it is a wonderful college, and helped me find a job at a health care facility shortly after graduating."
Abdulkadir S.

health care aide classrom

Course Components

Course Description: The module will help students fully understand the duties and responsibilities of a Health Care Aide and develop the skills needed to safely to their job.

Course Description: Students will learn how to communicate effectively with patients and how to develop supportive relationships with their families and interdisciplinary team members

Course Description: This section helps students to understand the functions of the human body. It focuses on the anatomy and the illnesses that can occur.

Course Description: Students will learn how to provide patient care and how perform maintenance and home management tasks efficiently.

Course Description: This module helps students learn what complex needs are and how to care for patients with these needs.

Course Description: Students will learn the methods of safely administering medications for patient of various needs and chronic illness.

Course Description: Students will learn the various activities that patients of different illnesses can do and how to plan for these activities to safely occur.

Course Description: This section is designed for students to gain experience working as a Health Care Aide.

Course Description: This module helps students learn effective strategies in searching for jobs as well as resume writing and other employment tips to maximize potential career success.