Mobile App Developer Diploma

Mobile App Developer Diploma Summary

Students of the Mobile App Developer Diploma are prepared for a variety of careers in modern application development. Students learn how to create and build multi-platform apps using Java and Xcode development environments. They will also learn HTML5 and CSS3 to adjust the apps for desktop friendly versions. Students end the program with a four-week practicum, which gives them real world experience to enter the industry ready for a new career.  

Interactive Learning 

Students and teachers interact frequently to provide a more inviting learning environment

Laser Focused Program

Course is concentrated on mobile app development unlike other programs

Future-Focused Program

The demand for highly-educated and trained application developers is growing


Mobile App Developer


40 Weeks
36 In-Class
4 Practicum


Calgary Campus





Career Opportunities

  • Android App Developer
  • iOS App Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Front-End Developer
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Mobile App Developer Diploma Description

The ABM College Mobile App Developer Diploma program teaches students how to create functional and beautiful applications for mobile devices. Students will learn all of the back end software used in the industry to create apps for Android, iOS and Windows devices. The skills students gain in this course allows them to freelance as app developers, or work for an employer to develop specific apps.

Mobile app developers find employment by various employers including Android and iOS app and platform development companies, software companies, the entertainment industry, financial services and retailers. They would be needed by any business that operates an online web service and would want to create an in-house app. Graduates can also freelance for businesses and companies creating multi-platform apps.

Admission Requirements

Standard Admission

Students must meet ONE of these criteria*:
Alberta High School Diploma or equivalent with minimum score of 65% in English 30-1 on verified transcript
General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.), plus minimum score of 65% in English 30-1 or equivalent, successful interview with ABM College Administration, and if student’s first language is not English, Canadian Language Benchmark of 5 with SLE Language Evaluation Test (Accuplacer)

Mature Admission

Students must meet ALL of these criteria*:
1. At least 18 years of age prior to admission
2. Score of 20 or higher on Entrance Exam (Scholastic Wonderlic)
3. Successful interview with ABM College Administration
4. If student’s first language is not English, Canadian Language Benchmark of 5 with SLE Language Evaluation Test (Accuplacer)


Next Program Start Dates:

July 06, 2020

August 04, 2020

Mobile Application Developer Diploma Program Information Kit

This kit includes useful information about the Mobile Application Developer Diploma program at ABM College
    *If you do not reside in Canada, please refer to our International Student page.

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Mobile App Developer Course Components

Course Description: Students will learn how to create mobile apps for iOS mobile devices using Apple's new Swift programming language and Xcode development environment, with weekly programming labs. 

Course Description: In this module, students will develop apps for the Android mobile devices. Students will learn how to use Java programming to create the apps. 

Course Description: This module focuses on teaching students how to manage information in an enterprise. They will learn SQL to define data structures and modify it using rational database management system (RDBMS). 

Course Description:

Cross-platform Development: Students will gain the skills to develop web-based apps that can be used across all platforms including desktops and mobile devices. They will learn HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for coding the apps.

Course Description:

Hands-on iOS Development: This module is a deeper study of the iOS platform and focuses on the different APIs such as, location, data management, networking and internet, wearable technology, and game development. 

Course Description:

PHP and MySQL: Students begin to use sever-side scripting to create dynamic web apps. They will learn MVC, PHP and MySQL to be able to program advanced apps.

Course Description:

Introduction to Enterprise: In this module, students will learn about cloud computing and its impact on mobile devices and vice versa. 

Course Description: Students will learn how to manage projects and lead a team. They will gain skills to propose, plan, secure resources, budget, and lead project teams to successful completions of projects. 

Course Description: Students will gain practical and hands-on experience to apply the knowledge and skills learned in class to real-world experiences in a professional capacity.

Course Description: Students will learn how to develop and optimize a professional resume to put forward for employers. Additional support in job search, interviewing, and other professional skills is provided to ensure students have the best possible career transition prospects.