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Help Desk Analyst vs Technician: What's The Difference?

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    The Two Roles Are Very Similar

    This is a comparison that results in very few differences, as both roles overlap in providing technical support for customers. While help desk or service desk roles will involve more of a remote assistance position, the technician role will often include going on-site to resolve IT problems.

    What Exactly do Help Desk Analysts do?

    Help desk analysts are the first point of contact for customers, which means they have an extensive list of duties to perform. This includes keeping daily records, troubleshooting IT problems, writing manuals, among more.

    What Exactly do IT Technicians do?

    Technicians often have IT education to help resolves hardware and software issues for customers and employees. The primary duties will include installing network equipment, providing technical support, performing troubleshooting to isolate problems, and more.

    Other Similarities:

    • Customer service skills are a major asset in both roles, and often a company will hire you in a role where your responsibilities will be a mix of the two positions.
    • Employers in both of the fields often look for candidates with computer science education or a relevant diploma certification. The roles require technical knowledge, problem solving skills, and a positive attitude.
    • Both career paths have significant room for growth and upgrading to further advance your position in the IT world.
    • You can look forward to working remotely as a help desk analyst, often providing support over the phone or in a chat. If the customer's technical problems require an in person solution than you will need to send a technician on-site. This is where the positions can overlap and come together to provide full support to customers.

    To summarize, there are more similarities between the positions than there are differences. Help desk analysts and IT technicians both provide support and help people resolve their technical problems. They collect feedback, and keep out technological world spinning.

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