Dental Office Administration Diploma

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Offered monthly at our Calgary Campus for Calgary and area residents
Student-focused learning
Instructors are passionate about making sure that students understand the material and have access to additional support.
Interactive Classrooms
Students are exposed to real situations they could come across in the workplace and learn techniques, procedures, and problem-solving skills.
Future-Focused Program
Dental Office Administrators are in demand and have a very good scope of job opportunities.

Dental Office Administration Diploma


Dental Office Administration Diploma


53 Weeks


Calgary / Toronto


On-site / Online / Combination


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Dental Office Administration Diploma Summary

ABM College’s Dental Office Administration Diploma Program is a comprehensive course designed to give students all the practical skills they will need to become successful Dental Office Administrators. With detailed training on healthcare communication, medical language, and various dental reception procedures, students are well prepared to enter the field. Students will also have the opportunity to get real hands-on experience in a dental administration setting through the practicum, honing their abilities in their desired profession.

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Dental Office Administration Diploma Highlights

The Dental Office Administration program will empower you with the necessary knowledge, practical skills and confidence to provide excellent customer service and support in a dental office. If you have a flair for organization and communication, and an interest in working in a healthcare environment, the Dental Office Administration program will be a great fit for you.

Discover Key features of the Dental Office Administration Diploma program:

  • Online classes offer a schedule that fits with your home, work, and other commitments.
  • Learn the core management skills needed to keep an office running smoothly including patient scheduling, charting, and record keeping in a clinical environment.
  • Explore the fundamentals, core features, and functions of common dental software packages, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • Gain fluency in dental terminology along with coverage of general medical language and communication.
  • Learn all the branches of proper dental financial management including billing procedures, bookkeeping, and insurance protocols.
  • Apply your training with a practicum to gain valuable real-world experience designed to give you the best possible advantage when launching your new career.

Career Opportunities

  • Dental Office Administrator
  • Dental Office Receptionist

Salary Range

A chart showing the average salary range of $39,000 to $76,000 for a Dental Office Administrator in Canada

Dental Office Administration Diploma Information Kit

This kit includes important details on the Dental Office Administration Diploma program at ABM College.

Note: For non-domestic students with a study permit or visa, please see our International Students form here.

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Dental Office Admin Diploma

Admission Requirements

Standard Admission

1. Successful completion of Grade 12 or equivalent. 2. Passing score on the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam. 3. Passing score on the CLB Test. 4. Successful interview with ABM College Admissions.

Mature Admission

1. Applicants must be out of high school for at least two years. 2. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age prior to admission. 3. Passing score on the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam. 4. Passing score on the CLB Test. 5. Successful interview with ABM College Admissions.

Detailed & International Requirements

For any other program or region specific requirements, please contact one of our Admissions Advisors. For International Students, please refer to the International student admission requirements.

Domestic Detailed Admission Requirements

Students learn and master software programs that are used in modern dental offices for records management, financial systems and more.

Industry Standard Software

Course Curriculum

Microsoft Outlook

This course presents the MS Outlook application interface, tools, and features. You will learn about the fundamentals of email application, scheduling, calendars, contact lists, creating, forwarding and managing messages. This course relies heavily on hands-on activities that allow you to learn concepts by practicing them on a regular basis.

Microsoft Word/Keyboarding

This course introduces students to word processing with Microsoft Word. Relying heavily on a practical training approach, students learn by doing skills-based simulations, training and assessments. Learners will focus on the core features of Microsoft Word such as proper document formatting, organization and editing using the tools and features of the ribbon. The course will then continue with more advanced topics such as working with tables, lists, objects, templates, footnotes, endnotes and mail merges. Students will also explore the collaboration features that allow users to share and collaborate on documents through the use of track changes, sharing and reviewing.

Microsoft Excel

Relying heavily on a hands-on practical training approach, students learn by doing skills based simulations, training and assessments in Microsoft Excel. The course starts with an overview of spreadsheets and how to use the common features and functions of Microsoft Excel. The course then focuses on the core features of Microsoft Excel where students learn how to enter and format data and use the various functions and formulas to manage and manipulate data. The course continues with more advanced topics such as performing quantitative analysis with logical, lookup and various mathematical and financial functions. Depicting data visually is an important feature of Excel. Students will learn how to work with charts in Excel to produce a variety of different charts based on data housed in a spreadsheet. Finally, students will learn to handle large volumes of data with datasets and tables.

Microsoft PowerPoint

This Introduction to PowerPoint training class is designed for students who are interested in learning the fundamentals needed to create and modify basic presentations using Microsoft Office PowerPoint. Students will explore the PowerPoint environment and create a presentation by formatting text on slides to enhance clarity and add graphical objects to a presentation and modify them. Students will also add tables and charts to a presentation in order to present data in a structured form and then finalize a presentation.

Health Care Communications

Learning basic communication skills, especially relating to the medical field, will assist students in dealing with all patients. Understanding cultural differences and encouraging diversity can add a new dimension and safer patient healthcare delivery to the medical office, allowing a positive experience for everyone.

Medical Language I / Basic Dental Terminology

Medicine, like other professions, has its own language. Students will learn to work with the specialized terminology of medicine, including the pronunciation and spelling of terms to describe medical circumstances and situations. Students will learn through descriptions, illustrations, and exercises to identify the major anatomical features and systems of the body and the common pathologies, which can adversely affect these systems.

Dental Reception Procedures

This course presents complete and accurate coverage of the basic skills needed to perform effectively as a Dental Office Manager and will provide students with the knowledge and skills related to dental reception procedures. Topics will include the daily routines and tasks of an office, telephone, developing client communication skills and the basic steps in filing. Students will practise appointment management and establish continuing-care systems. This course will also teach students various formatting styles to written communication, inventory systems, and time management. Other topics include becoming familiar with dental specialties and becoming acquainted with types of drugs commonly prescribed in a dental office.

Dental Insurance

Following dental reception and office procedures training, this course expands into an overview of dental insurance. The course provides students with the knowledge and skills related to the use of provincial dental fee guides and claims terminology. Topics will include dental benefits and identifying parties affected by the dental benefits. This course will also teach students how to perform all tasks associated with preparing dental claim forms, including paper claim forms and predeterminations. The course introduces students to common dental benefits, benefit limitations, exclusions, coordination of benefits and determining order of liability. Other topics will include assignment of benefits, copayments, calculating copayments and explanation of benefits.

Charting and Records Management

Students begin this course with an introduction to ethics and protecting the privacy of dental clients. This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to maintain patient records. Topics will include patient registration, health history forms, records retention and records transfer. Students will learn symbols and abbreviations used in clinical charts and practice entering existing conditions and recording treatment procedures on a clinical chart.

Financial Systems

This course will teach students how to perform all tasks associated with basic office bookkeeping. Students will learn financial systems used in a dental office including accounts receivable and accounts payable. The course also covers establishing financial arrangements, payrolls basics, petty cash, debit and credit transactions, daily banking and bank reconciliation. Other topics include marketing the dental practice.

Dental Software Management

Students are introduced to dental software packages commonly used in offices and facilities. The software functions include patient registration, appointment booking, billing, reconciliations, and records management. The course also describes the various reports used in dental office bookkeeping in a computerized system.

Dental Software Applications

This course shows students how to set and adjust appointments, insurance billing/pre-determinations. Students will learn about reconciliation of accounts at the end of the day, month and year. Billing error corrections are also covered in this course.


Students will be placed in actual work places related to their field of study and will be expected to act as a regular employee in order to gain the valuable real world experience that so many employers seek. Students are encouraged to find their own work experience placement; however, once placed, continuation in that placement is mandatory.

Medical Language II

Students will be able to list and identify the location and function of primary and permanent teeth using three tooth identification systems. The student will also be able to identify and describe all teeth in the primary, mixed, and permanent dentition according to each tooth numbering system. Students will be able to identify and describe the nutritional requirements for maintaining oral health, the role of sugar in carcinogenesis, the formation of plaque and colonization of bacteria, common dental pathologies, and preventive programs. Students will understand how and when medications are prescribed in dental offices, understand the potential side effects of certain drugs and their interactions, deal with pharmacy personnel, and record pertinent drug information in the patient’s chart. The student will also be able to create and implement a narcotics control sheet, as well as knowing the procedures for the appropriate safety and storage of narcotics in the office.

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