Valedictorian Application

Responsibilities of the ABM College Valedictorian:

  1. Valedictorian must compose and deliver the valedictory address on behalf of graduating students from all programs
  2. Valedictorian must epitomize the qualities for which ABM College graduates strive
  3. Valedictorian must represent the entire school community when crafting and delivering their address / speech (NOT just himself/herself or immediate circle of friends)

ABM College Valedictorian Selection Process:

  1. Students from any program may apply
  2. Selection of three finalists will be made for each graduating class
  3. The three finalists will present a speech to the selection committee. The speech will be entitled: Education is Power and will contain maximum of 150 words. You must bring copies of this speech for the selection committee, when you present. This will not be your speech for the graduation ceremony; it is only for the selection process. Support is available from ABM College Administration if you require assistance writing your speech.
  4. The winning candidate will be notified by ABM College Administration.

ABM College Valedictorian Application Form