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Graphic Design Diploma Program Description

Students of the graphic design diploma program will gain an understanding of the basic graphic design principals, and create their own portfolios to present to employers. They will learn how to design using Adobe creative suite and gain an understanding of composition. This diploma also gives students and understanding of photography and how to incorporate images into their designs.  

Students will finish off with a practicum placement at the end of the course, to help add work experience to their portfolios. 

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53 Weeks of In-Class Instruction

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Monthly Intake


Graphic Design

53 Weeks

Course Duration


Program Location

Admission Requirements

Standard Admission

  • Minimum of High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Successful interview with school administration

Mature Admission

  • 18 years or older
  • Successful completion of ABM College Entrance Exam
  • Successful interview with school administration

Who Should Enrol?

If you are an individual with natural creative skills and talent, then this program is for you!

For further information about our Graphic Design program please contact an ABM College admissions counsellor.

Course Components

Course Description: This course introduces students to the fundamentals of graphic design and its application for print and web. Students discover that design is a complex process that involves research and analysis, concept development, evaluation, refinement, and execution. 

Course Description: Layout and composition are the building blocks of graphic design. The goal of this module is to give students skills that will allow them to work with visual contrasts, cropping, hierarchy and direction in single images and complex compositions. 

Course Description: Students learn about visual contrast, colour, rhythm and pattern in design as well as the process involved in making an abstract design from shapes, and how to use that element to create a repeating pattern design. Students explore the various aspects of colour and identify many ways of integrating colour for effective design layouts.

Course Description: This module aims to teach students about typography and its significance in graphic design in the development of type. Students learn about the terms and measurements that form the basis of typographic vocabulary and deconstruct fonts to show the working components. 

Course Description: This module introduces the student to the basic principles of drawing. Student learn basic knowledge in drawing, fundamental concepts and techniques, and draw using charcoal, pencil and conte. 

Course Description: This module is an introduction to photography from a graphic design perspective. Student will learn how to capture still image, video and sound for various environments including print and internet. 

Course Description: This module examines the essential capabilities and creative applications of Adobe Photoshop CC, from correcting colour and print to retouching portraits, navigation, resolution, cropping, selecting, printing and making web graphics. 

Course Description: As a continuation of Adobe Photoshop 1, this module covers advanced compositing techniques, including painting with the mixer brush, adding a background, matching colour schemes across images, and blending multiple pictures to create a panorama. The module covers applying layer styles, using layer effects, adding adjustment layers and blending modes. 

Course Description: In this module, students create and design scalable computer graphics with Adobe illustrator including core drawing and shape tools, transformation and reshaping features, text manipulation, and the pen tool. The module prepares the students to create simple vector graphics, educate them about best practices to enhance workflow, and train them on how to integrate and manipulate colour and type in designs and to prepare documents for output to print, web and video. 

Course Description: In this modules , students discover the essential capabilities and creative applicable of InDesign and create a series of projects using different available tools and techniques including single and multiple pages , drop-d own menus, and panels, set up column, selection tools , layers, colour from different libraries, paragraph and character styles, picture frames, text wraps around picture, and links. 

Course Description: This module explores the fundamentals of working with digital images acquired from capture, with a focus on the image optimization process within Adobe Photoshop CC. Students learn how to produce a high-quality image that can be reproduced for multiple purposes. The objective of this module in preparing student to process camera RAW files with Photoshop CC RAW processing interface, process jpg. files in Photoshop CC using a non-destructive workflow, work with the appropriate file format depending on its content and usage, maximize the tonal range and correct a colour cast in a digital image, work with layers, Layer Blending modes and Layer Blending modes and Layer Styles, perform non- destructive image retouching in Photoshop CC, composite multiple images in Photoshop CC , crop, rotate, and resize images to meet specific requirements, and export files from Photoshop CC for web use and print production.

Course Disruption: This module aims to educate students that designers do more than simply’ design things’ Graphic Design and Business are very much Integrated disciplines. 

Course Description: This module focuses on teaching students how to create a good portfolio showcasing their work and abilities. 

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