How to Get a Job as an Administrative Assistant?

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    anding any job requires skill and experience. Practical skills in a particular field can help with so many things. Additionally, having a good resume and cover letter is essential. Furthermore, having a strong online presence and portfolio can be helpful in any job. If we discuss Administrative Assistant roles specifically, they require a diploma or a degree, communication skills, documentation knowledge, and the list goes on. 

    Certain things need to be kept in mind before looking for a job. Once you are clear with your desired job status like full-time, part-time, contract, temporary, or internship, you can start searching for available job roles accordingly. Companies hire administrative assistants to keep their offices organized and running smoothly while maintaining all their records. If you are keen to grab a managerial position in a company at an entry level, an administrative assistant role would be a stepping stone to reach higher positions in management and administration. 

    Administrative Professionals’ Day, Apr 24, 2024

    Administrative Professionals’ Day, also known as Secretaries’ Day, is an observance that recognizes and celebrates the valuable contributions of administrative professionals in the workplace. These individuals play crucial roles in ensuring the smooth functioning of organizations by managing administrative tasks, facilitating communication, scheduling appointments, and providing support to executives and teams. Kudos to those who are working as Admin Professionals and ensuring their organizations and offices run smoothly. 

    This Administrative Professionals’ Day, we will delve into the education and skills required to get an Administrative Assistant Job. Sincerest appreciation to all those who are currently working in this field, and those who are about to kickstart their careers in this vital role. 

    Complete your Education

    Once done with High School, students can choose to move ahead with a Diploma Program or a Degree Program. But for a foundational understanding of the Administrative field, candidates should begin learning the basics from their High School like choosing basic bookkeeping courses, typing, communication skills and other relevant skills can be learned. Even after this knowledge, you can be hired for an initial level of administration work. But moving further and looking at the present scenario, employers these days hire candidates with a diploma or a degree. 

    To have better chances of getting hired and making your background strong in a certain field you must hold a Diploma or a degree.  The Online Administrative Assistant Diploma Program at ABM College is an ideal choice for anyone looking to launch a successful career in business administration.

    Learn the skills

    Studying alone won’t ensure success. You need to have hands-on skills to make yourself job-ready. Communication skills are key to presenting yourself brilliantly and this will also provide you the confidence to deal with challenging situations while working. With this program, you can learn the skills necessary for a successful career as an Administrative Assistant. 

    Essential Skills Required for Administrative Assistants 

    Let’s elaborate on skills essential in real work life.

    1. Accounting Skills: Administrative assistants often handle financial tasks like managing budgets, processing invoices, and tracking expenses. Basic accounting skills such as understanding financial documents, proficiency in spreadsheets (usually Excel), and familiarity with accounting software are crucial. So it is important to learn accounting skills and this program includes bookkeeping and financial accounting as course components. 
    1. Communication Skills: Effective communication is vital in all administrative roles. This includes both verbal and written communication. Administrative assistants frequently interact with clients, colleagues, and managers, so being able to convey information clearly, listen attentively, and write professional emails and reports is essential. Business Communication is a part of this program which is designed to enable students to communicate comfortably through writing and speaking. This course will enhance a student’s ability to express and receive information effectively.
    1. Multitasking: Administrative assistants often juggle multiple tasks simultaneously. They might answer phone calls while scheduling appointments, drafting documents, and organizing meetings. The ability to prioritize tasks, manage time effectively, and stay organized amidst various responsibilities is key. This job requires multitasking and one who is capable of doing all things together is a perfect match for this position. 
    1. Professionalism: Administrative assistants are often the face of an organization, representing it to clients, visitors, and other stakeholders. Professionalism entails maintaining a positive attitude, exercising discretion with sensitive information, dressing appropriately, and adhering to company policies and procedures. No doubt every job role requires professionalism, but if you are working as an admin assistant then it's essential. Dressing professionally also counts since you will be meeting different people every day. Interpersonal communication as a module teaches students how to conduct themselves in an office setting and maintain professional communication and behaviour.
    1. Technophile: We are living in a digital world and having good knowledge about technology and devices will help you a lot in any job. For administrative assistants, it is often a crucial aspect for the position. This includes familiarity with office software (like Microsoft Office Suite), email and calendar management tools, database software, and possibly industry-specific software or systems. To impart knowledge about this, computer fundamentals are taught to students so that they can gain the necessary knowledge about the technology and using different basic software and programs. 

    Today there are ample online short-term certifications available, and they can help enhance your skills and credibility as an administrative assistant. Always look for a certification program that provides you with a training opportunity like office administration, software proficiency, customer service, or specific industry-related skills. Certifications from reputable organizations can make your resume stand out even more to employers.

    Gain Experience: 

    Practical experience is invaluable for honing administrative skills. Consider internships, volunteer opportunities, or part-time roles to gain hands-on experience in administrative tasks and familiarize yourself with workplace dynamics. This would help you from beginning to end. Your basic learning will always cater towards your growth. 

    Apply for Jobs: 

    Once you feel confident in your skills and experience, start applying for administrative assistant positions across various industries. Tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight relevant skills and experiences, and be prepared for interviews by showcasing your communication and problem-solving abilities.  Research the company you are applying for and ask questions about the position. Show enthusiasm for the role and be willing to negotiate salary and benefits. Finally, follow up after the interview to show your continued interest. 

    By focusing on these essential skills, gaining relevant experience, and pursuing certifications, you can position yourself as a competitive candidate for administrative assistant roles in diverse industries. 

    Administrative Assistant Diploma Program at ABM College

    ABM College in Canada offers a wide array of programs in Business, Technology, and Healthcare. The Online Administrative Assistant Diploma Program is one of the most demanding careers in Canada and is available at ABM College, Calgary.  This program provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to become successful administrative assistants. It also provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a real business environment. Graduates of the program are in high demand and have excellent career prospects. 

    The duration of this online program at ABM College is 53 weeks and is good for you if you are working and want to study parallel. The course includes classroom learning, practical training, and job placement assistance. So, what are you waiting for? Enrol now to seize the opportunity to become an Administrative Assistant.  

    On this Administrative Professionals' Day Team ABM recognizes and honours the invaluable contributions of all the admin staff in making the working of this organization a success. Your professionalism, efficiency, and positive attitude are truly inspiring, and we are grateful to have you all as part of our team.

    Final Thoughts

    All the aforementioned skills are necessary to become a successful administrative assistant. Apart from that, networking is also important in getting a job. Having the right connections can be a great help. Finally, having a positive attitude and being proactive can go a long way. 

    You can connect with one of our helpful admissions advisors or read more industry-related blogs here to gain even more insights about what the Administrative Diploma will teach you. 

    Thank you for all the ways you support us and make our jobs easier. We couldn't do it without you!

    Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day!

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