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September 7, 2021
October 4, 2021
Digital Marketing Diploma Program

Digital Marketing Diploma Summary

The Digital Marketing Diploma Program at ABM College affords students the ability to learn to assess clients’ business needs and develop effective digital marketing plans and strategies to address those needs. Students will be immersed in the world of all digital channels including social media, email marketing, web design, SEO and more. Students end with a 4-week practicum to develop and execute online business strategy in a hands-on, real-world environment.

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Digital Marketing Diploma Description

ABM College's Digital Marketing Diploma is a comprehensive program that provides students with the communications, marketing and technical skills needed to work in the digital marketing sector.

This program aims to educate students on the skills required to design, implement and manage successful multi-channel digital campaigns. Students will learn to create actionable digital marketing strategies and gain knowledge to increase sales and market awareness for small business and enterprise companies. This program offers a comprehensive course that provides the essential knowledge and skills required in modern-day businesses.

Students will learn in-depth about Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Copywriting, Content Marketing, Digital Media production, Email Marketing, E-Commerce, Google Ads & Analytics, Mobile Marketing, Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website design & optimization and more.

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Salary Range

Admission Requirements

Standard Admission

Students must meet one of the following criteria:

1. Alberta High School Diploma, verified by transcript, or non-Alberta equivalent OR 2. Successful completion of the General Equivalency Diploma (GED) and ALL of the following criteria: 3. Successful interview with school administration 4. Canadian Language Benchmark of 5 if students first language is not English.

Mature Admission

Students must meet ALL the following criteria:

1. Must be 18 years old (BC residents must be 19 years of age). 2. Successful result on Wonderlic Test with a passing score of 20. 3. Successful interview with school administration 4. Canadian Language Benchmark of 5 if students first language is not English.

Detailed Requirements

Learn Digital Marketing online like the pros in this intensive online diploma, that equips you with the skills and training employers are looking for.

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Here's what some of our students say about ABM College

I recommend ABM College to almost everyone I meet ﹘ great opportunity and friendly staff. I feel valued, appreciated and rewarded. The administration, faculty and staff are truly dedicated.

Edelniamy Channel

I’m a Digital Marketing student here at ABM College. Love our teacher, you can learn a lot from him. Gives you good instruction and has thorough knowledge and expertise.

Bryan Bautista

ABM College has a great selection of courses, where classes are designed with the students' needs in mind. Also, the staff are very friendly and genuinely want to help their students succeed. They take care of their students during their studies and after graduation in terms of a practicum or a professional job in their designated fields.

Nazia Chowdhury

Hear from one of our Digital Marketing Instructors

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does the program take to complete?

Altogether, the Digital Marketing Diploma takes 36 weeks. The courses take 32 weeks to complete then the students end with a 4-week practicum to execute what they learned in a hands-on, real-world environment. Our Employment Counsellors arrange the practicum for you in your area.

Are your programs fully online or do I have to physically attend the college classes?

All of our Technology programs can be completed online. That includes the Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Help Desk Analyst, Mobile App Developer and Network Administrator Diploma programs. Other programs require students to attend our Calgary campus for labs and demonstrations due to the nature of the course content.

What time are the classes offered?

ABM College offers a very flexible timetable. You can take the classes Mornings, Evenings or Weekends. ABM College understands our students have many priorities in their daily lives so you can select the timetable that works best for you.

What are the start dates for your programs and what are your semesters like?

At ABM College, you don’t have to wait for your semester to start. Unlike other colleges and universities that only have a few intakes per year, ABM College practices a rolling intake process which allows applicants to become students and start their career training as quickly as possible. Many of our programs admit students on a monthly basis. For specific intake dates, check out the dates at the top of the page or contact an Admissions Advisor.

How much does career college cost?

Tuition prices vary widely between colleges in Canada, and will also vary depending on the type and length of the program. ABM College is among the most competitively priced private colleges in Canada. To learn more about tuition costs and the help available for students to cover the cost, contact an admissions advisor.

Is there financial aid available?

Yes. ABM College has an experienced financial aid team that is here to help students through every step of the financial assistance process. You might be eligible for funding you never knew existed!

Our financial advisors are up-to-date on the latest program scholarships, government student loans, student lines of credit and other financial awards available for our students. They will help determine your eligibility, assist you with your applications and work with you to help secure funds before starting your program.

ABM College understands that a little financial aid can go a long way for students who are looking to invest in a quality education that will lead to a more successful career. If you require assistance funding your education, we want to help you decide which funding option is right for you. Do not let a lack of funding hold you back from pursuing your academic and life goals.
In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, ABM College has implemented virtual admissions and online and blended classes!
For a limited time, all eligible newly-enrolled students can receive up to $2,000 in scholarships on completion of their program.

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