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How to Apply for an Alberta Student Loan

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    unding is one of the most important aspects to consider when it comes to pursuing higher education. It indeed costs money, and we would need to figure out how to pay for education before we can pursue it. 

    However, as Canadians, we have the help of both provincial and federal governments when it comes to assisting with funding our education when needed. 

    If you’re in Alberta, you can apply for Alberta student loans, scholarships, and financial awards if you are applying to colleges or universities in the province, outside of the province, or even outside of the country. 

    In this blog, we’ll go over student aid Alberta and key things you should know when applying for a student loan. 

    What is Student Aid? 

    Student loans are a service provided by the federal and provincial governments of Canada so that students and prospective students of post-secondary institutions can get the funding they need to complete their education and join the workforce. 

    Services that people can attain include loans, grants, scholarships, bursaries, and awards. While student aid may cover most of the educational expenses, in some cases, it may not cover all the costs. It depends on your financial situation and the resources required for your degree or diploma. In that case, you will need to figure out how to cover the difference.

    Overall, student loans are a helpful tool in attaining and achieving your educational and career goals, and they are available to almost every student. It’s something that we can take advantage of to fulfill our career goals in the time frame that we want. 

    Additionally, you can also learn more about how you can pay back your student loans when the time comes, so you are prepared for what will happen. 

    How to Apply for Student Aid in Alberta 

    To apply for student aid in Alberta, you first need to identify whether you’re a part-time or a full-time student, since the application process is different for each. This also includes mature students and students with disabilities. 

    First, you will need to create an account on the online portal and verify your identity with government documents. You will then need to complete your application form either for full-time or part-time studies. Be ready to have all your personal information on hand such as your address and contact, social insurance number, and total income amount from the previous year. 

    Once you’ve added all the necessary information to the online application, you can proceed to submit your application where it will be processed. Depending on the number of applications they receive, it may take a few weeks to approve your student aid amount. In the best-case scenario, it can happen immediately or within a few days. You will also have to complete your loan agreements before you can receive student aid. Aid will be received at the earliest one week before classes start. 

    Student aid Alberta suggests that you apply at least 60 days before your course start date. You can receive the amount via direct deposit, or a certain amount of the award that you receive will go directly to your educational institution to cover the cost. 

    If you have a disability, you will need to fill out additional forms for permanent, persistent, or prolonged disability. 

    Apply early and apply every year. Applying yearly is necessary so you get your loan in time to pay your tuition fees. You will need to apply every year if your program is more than one year long as the application cycle is only 12 months and factors surrounding how much money you will receive change around that time. 

    In addition to student loans, there are many scholarships available for different achievements. You can browse a whole list of scholarships for various purposes on this webpage: 

    How Do I Know I’m Eligible to Receive Student Aid? 

    Eligibility to receive student aid is different for full-time students, part-time students, and dependent on the program’s and the school’s eligibility. Things you need to consider, according to the student aid website are: 

    • Maintain academic progress
    • Meet residency or citizenship requirements
    • Have financial need
    • Be enrolled in a program approved by student aid

    Most institutions and programs across the province and country are approved to receive funding. To see if you can get student aid for the program that you’re interested in, you can visit School and program eligibility | Alberta Student Aid 

    How Much Funding Can I Get?

    How much funding you can get is dependent on a few different factors including how much money you've made the previous year, and even how much your family income is in some cases, in addition to the cost of the program you want to take. 

    It will take into account how much money you need for your course overall. For example, for many programs, it is not just the cost of the classes. The application will ask you to fill out the monetary amount you think you will need to cover all the expenses including textbooks, digital and technical equipment, and more. 

    Next Steps

    Of course, before you can apply for student aid, you need to apply for a diploma or degree program and get accepted into the program. This requires some thought and research on your part, and you can learn how to discover the program that’s right for you

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