When Will The Pandemic End: Bill Gates Says Spring 2021

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    his pandemic has us all working from home, skipping big holiday celebrations, and overall stuck in a gloomy slump, but it isn’t all bad according to Bill Gates who has predicted when the pandemic will end. In an interview with CNBC recently, he mentioned that there will be around six vaccines ready to be released, and that the world will start to return to normal by spring 2021.

    There are now a few Covid-19 vaccines released around the world that are being tested to help build herd immunity. One of the first ones to get approval is the Pifzer vaccine which has been released for use in the UK, USA, and Canada. While these vaccines are rolling out, the economy is also in a position for recovery according to Gates.

    “Once we get the vaccines out, I’m optimistic that we will resume the growth that we had before the pandemic,” Gates said while speaking of economic recovery. 

    Let’s not forget that his other predictions have been true in the past as well. In 2014 Gates talked about pandemics, warning everyone that we are not ready for pandemics and that they are a bigger threat than we think. 

    All of this is great news for our careers as we will begin to see an end to social distancing and a rise in the economy back to pre-pandemic levels.

    Good News For Your Career

    With the world en route to making its way to economic recovery, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your career, whether this means a career change or the start of one. Take advantage of online college courses offered in your local area, even if it is just to brush up on your skills. 

    Dylan McBride, employment counsellor at ABM College, said that the economy may be slower to recover but there is an opportunity there for students to take advantage of.

    “Companies are going to be more careful right now with how they spend their money and so that actually could be a benefit to the new graduates,” he said.

    McBride explained the reason is because companies will have a lower budget and may look to hire new graduates as opposed to those with five to 10 years of experience. 

    “It's going to be all the more important for a graduate from college to create a high calibre resume, to really know how to find all of the available jobs out there and really attain the skills on how to be impressive in a job interview,” he added.

    It may also be beneficial to connect with employment resources and equip yourself with the tools in time for spring. Once things get back to normal everyone will be in a rush making career moves, you can get ahead of the pandemic with your goals by making your time in quarantine count. 

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