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    Earlier this week ABM College had yet another orientation for new students in various programs! Orientation is a time to learn more about ABM College and your specific program, in greater detail. This detail will include information about theory, lab and practicum in your specific program. There is a tour of the campus where students can get familiar with their new college and its facilities.

    School president talking to students.

    Welcoming packages, course outlines, textbooks and scrubs (if relevant) are distributed to every student. There will be introductory speeches from ABM College's president, registrar, instructors and many more. Get ready to have your picture taken! ABM College will be preparing your Student ID's. ABM College also provides small snacks for orientation. It is also a chance to meet some of your peers before you go on your exciting journey towards a rewarding career! Enroll in ABM College today!

    Students paying attention to class orientation.
    Course packages being handed out.
    A student writing on their notebook.

    Free College
    Information Kit

    Get started on the road to becoming an ABM College graduate today with our free information kit. In it, you will learn about all of the exciting programs we offer, our philosophy, information about our campuses, and lots more.

    Note: For students requiring a study permit, please see our International Students form here.

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