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Oil and Gas Career? ABM College wants you to stay positve!

It’s no secret oil prices have dropped dramatically in the last few months here in Canada and the US. While the consumers are enjoying filling up their automobiles, oil companies are having to put projects on hold and even cut jobs. The last time we saw a drop in oil price this drastic was 2008. It is important to understand that oil prices fluctuate. We’re just so used to seeing high oil and gas prices we forget about the past. The industry does go up and down with supply and demand. Obviously it’s not as simple as that but historical trends are a way to keep positive.

Chart of oil price crashes since 1986.

We are not used to seeing prices this low but they will eventually recover back to the astronomical levels we’re so used to. Don’t let the current state discourage you from pursuing a career in the Oil and Gas industry. At ABM College we offer a 25 week Oil and Gas Administrative Assistant course including a 4-week practicum. Students are taught from the perspective of a hiring manager working in the industry. We offer you career coaching to get you ready for the oil industry’s job market, with mock interviews and resume building. You will also learn about drilling and geology.If interested in this exciting career, stay positive and apply to ABM College today! Administrative Assistant

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