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Medical Office Assistant, More Than Just Administration

Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk Class

One of our more popular programs at ABM College is Medical Office Assistant & Unit Clerk. This course is designed for people who want to be in the health care industry but prefer administration. With that said, there is a practical aspect involved in this program as well. At ABM College we have a fully functioning lab where Medical Office Assistant & Unit Clerk students can practice some basic medical procedures.

Medical students posing for a picture.

These procedures include checking patients for vital signs, blood pressure, temperature, blood glucose levels, urine examination and pulse. In the lab students also learn how to properly use personal protective equipment and how to sterilize medical instruments using autoclave (a chamber used to sterilization).Medical Office Assistant & Unit Clerks also assist physicians in physical examinations of patients. Medical uniforms or scrubs (more commonly called) are provided with this 34-week program. One week of theMedical Office Assistant & Unit Clerk program is dedicated to working in the lab.If you are interested in working in the health care industry but prefer to work one step removed from patient care, a career as a Medical Office Assistant or Unit Clerk may be the right choice for you. At ABM College we offer a cutting edge diploma program which enables graduates to work either as a clinical Medical Office Assistant or as a hospital Unit Clerk. Enroll today!

Learning medical assistant duties.

Blood pressure arm band.

Blood pressure hand pump.

Getting blood pressure checked in class.
Medical Office Assistant CTA.

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