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Essential Skills Required for a Medical Office Assistant

If you’re considering pursuing a career as a Medical office Assistant, it’s crucial that you familiarize yourself with the required skills associated with the profession; otherwise, it could hinder your chances of success. Without further introduction, here are the top 5 skills that every Medical Office Assistant needs to have.

Demonstrating a thorough understanding of medical terminology/concepts

This is the main skill that differentiates Medical Office Assistants from Administrative Assistants; in order for a medical office to run smoothly, the employees need to be familiar with patient and doctor terminology and general medical procedures. This is a core subject that is covered in detail in the Medical Office Assistant Diploma.

Strong knowledge of general office producers

An obvious skill that is required for a Medical Office Assistant is the ability to complete general office procedures such as filing, greeting and attending patients, scheduling appointments, billing and updating account information, and ordering office supplies.

Adaptive of new technology

The ability to be adaptive of medical software while also possessing proficient computer knowledge is a basic skill that every Medical Office Assistant needs to highlight in their profile. It is common for most patients to have both electronic and hard-copy files, both of which must be updated upon every appointment. Aside from this, assistants who also preform examinations with technicians must be able operate and understand the purpose of the machinery.

Well-organized & strong attention to detail

This is a given – while dealing with over hundreds of patient databases and files, organization is crucial for the success of the office, which correlates with attention to detail. In several offices, during every patient appointment, their personal information must be entered and updated on a regular basis and this task requires a strong detail-oriented focus.

Maintain an environment of privacy and confidentiality

All Medical Office Assistants need to ensure that they respect all patients’ confidentiality regarding their personal and medical information. Although this is a skill that does not require much training, it is extremely important.To learn more about Medical Office Assistants and about their duties, visit ABM College’s program page to check out the 34 week Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk program that is offered. ABM is the only College in Calgary that offers both the Medical Office and Unit Clerk diploma as one program!

Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk CTA.

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