How ABM College Is Giving Back to the Community this Spring

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    s a College, ABM is always striving to do the best for its students, employees, and the community at large. To commemorate the college’s 11th Anniversary, various initiatives were undertaken in March and April. 

    True to its belief that altruism begins at home, ABM College raised donations for the ongoing crisis in Ukraine to help people through the Canadian Red Cross, organized a staff blood donation drive in collaboration with the Canadian Blood Services, and supported those in need. 

    Donations for Ukraine 

    The Ukraine donation was initiated when one of our employees at ABM, Tamila Pryz, expressed that she was worried for her family members back home in war-hit Ukraine. Tamila Pryz’s mother, Liudmyla Svynarchuk, was forced to flee her home in Ukraine due to Russia’s invasion. She managed to escape and arrived in Canada on March 9, 2022, after facing many hardships. 

    Tamila (right) and her mother (left) sitting in ABM College's lounge.

    The money raised contributed to the Canadian Red Cross’s efforts to respond to humanitarian needs, such as preparedness, immediate and ongoing relief efforts, overall long-term recovery, and other necessary needs as they arise given the situation. You can read more about Tamila and her mother’s story in the Calgary Herald. 

    The donations raised for Ukraine were also matched dollar to dollar by ABM to contribute as much as possible to this humanitarian cause. With staff donations and the matched amount, ABM College was able to raise $4,200 CAD altogether. The college was proud to present this amount to a representative of the Canadian Red Cross on April 6, 2022. 

    Blood Donation

    To promote giving back to the community even further, ABM College collaborated with the Canadian Blood Services for this noble cause. The blood donation drive was held on April 7 to coincide with and acknowledge World Health Day, a global health awareness day under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO). 

    Collectively, staff members of ABM College who signed up and were eligible to donate their blood ultimately hope that their blood can save a life. By sharing the act of donating blood, ABM College hopes to inspire others to initiate some philanthropic acts. 

    ABM College staff take a selfie at the blood donation centre.

    Preparing Employable Candidates Through Quality Education

    The essence of ABM College is to give back by offering an education that gets you hired by providing high quality education. With excellent professional training, students get the right skill-sets to meet current employment market demand. You can get the professional training you need in areas of interest such as health, business, and technology

    ABM College remains connected to the community in many ways, from giving new registrants scholarships at our annual Calgary Stampede breakfast to sponsoring events like Fiesta Filipino, the college supports everyone to thrive and be able to fulfill their dreams. 

    If you’re inspired by our actions and want to change your future, you can contact us today for more information or read more about how ABM College fosters a healthy work environment

    A student writing on their notebook.

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