Five Powerful Lessons For New Entrepreneurs From The ABM College Founder

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    eing an entrepreneur isn’t easy. It takes years of hard work and arduous efforts to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. You have to overcome many challenges and it is a steep curve of learning until you succeed. Entrepreneurship is like a marathon where you have to plan for the long-term, keep tackling difficult situations with poise, and grow along the way. 

    Such is the inspirational story of Dr. Mohammad Baten, Founder & President of ABM College, who started his journey as a teacher and continues to spread knowledge. He has been striving to provide quality education to students through his venture, ABM College. It’s been a decade that his endeavor has been nurturing agile minds and delivering an education that gets people hired. 

    Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Growing in Canada 

    Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) have been growing in Canada. According to the Key Small Business Statistics 2021 data, there were 1.22 million employer businesses in Canada as of December 2020. Out of these, 1.2 million (97.9 per cent) formed small businesses, 22,725 (1.9 per cent) were medium-sized, and 2,936 (0.2 per cent) were large businesses.

    It can be challenging to build a business in today’s competitive market. ABM College has been helping new immigrants looking for a career change or new opportunities find meaningful employment by imparting industry-relevant knowledge and job-ready skills. 

    Through this blog, we will share five powerful lessons from Dr. Baten, which come in handy for young entrepreneurs who are planning to start a venture or have stepped into this world of business. Let’s take a look at them: 

    Believe in Your Dreams

    If it wasn’t for Dr. Baten’s dream of sharing knowledge through his venture, then ABM College would not have taken shape. “It was 30 years ago when I moved to Canada that I developed this dream and worked hard on my belief of helping others out in their journey of self-growth. If you believe in your dreams you must make efforts to realize them despite tough circumstances. If you’re passionate about something, you should pursue it with full strength and plan to turn it into reality,” says Dr. Baten.

    Give Back to the Community

    No business can survive without social support. Being an integral part of the community, you must give back in whatever way possible — be it through sharing knowledge, giving out resources, lending a helping hand, or being active during a crisis. A little contribution by your organization toward the community can go a long way in improving your relationship with people and creating a niche for yourself.

    ABM College has been doing its bit to help out the Calgary community in various ways. The college cherished the spirit of community through events like hosting a stampede breakfast and sponsoring Fiesta Filipino. Now, ABM College is also supporting the current crisis in Ukraine through donations. The college is also planning a blood donation drive on World Health Day (April 7). Keep looking for situations where you can make a positive difference to society while building your business into a profitable one. 

    Learn Continuously

    “To be successful, you should have a dream, a plan; study and work hard. Success will be yours,” believes Dr. Baten. Learning should continue for life for one to remain competitive. Gaining skills and learning new things can help you innovate by bringing new ideas to the table. Continuously educating yourself to stay up-to-date is what sets you apart from others. It helps give a boost to your business as you meet new people and grow your network for expanding your business territory.

    ABM College is helping its students in continuing their education and offering them gainful employment. The staff, alumni, students, instructors, and academic partners have been the pillars of strength of the college.

    Turn Challenges Into Opportunities

    The initial challenges of finding the right location, roping in qualified people, and enrolling students didn’t deter Dr. Baten from achieving his goals. Businesses face challenges at every step but you can overcome them with resilience and proper planning. Think out of the box about how you can turn that challenge into an opportunity and find a unique solution to the problem. You will have to put your skills and training to use in order to sail through.

    Even failures can teach you a lot. You must contemplate what you learned when you failed and how you are going to tackle challenges ahead. Be prepared for what comes your way with proper planning and coordination from individuals around you.

    Always Look Forward

    The future holds better avenues for the students with ABM College endeavoring to offer exciting employment opportunities to its graduates by setting up an employment agency. ABM College aims for 90 per cent graduation and 90 per cent employment for its students.

    The key to growth is to look forward and plan ahead. You must keep a track of your industry for what’s new, the latest trends, and what your competitors are doing. That will give you insight into what you need to do to gain an edge over others. Focus on where you’d like to see your company in the future and take steps in that direction. 

    Entrepreneurs learn from their experiences as they move along creating a business and reaching the acme. Passion for what you do and pursue it with persistence make the entrepreneurial journey worth it.

    ABM College is an inspirational transformation of a belief, a dream, and the concerted efforts of Dr. Baten and his team. As we celebrate the successful completion of a decade of being in the business, we look forward to a promising future, and many more milestones to build. 

    To find out more information, visit ABM College.

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