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    rograms in the health sector have been witnessing high student enrollments as the demand for health professionals is on the rise. Health jobs in the Toronto, Ontario region have been attracting talented health workers and all it takes to advance your career in health is a qualification that is widely accepted. 

    In this blog, we are going to talk about various health programs - diplomas and certifications offered by ABM College in Ontario, that can equip you with the required industry skills, and help you take the leap toward your dream career. 

    These programs are:

    Dental Office Administration Diploma
    Personal Support Worker Certificate
    Addictions and Community Service Worker Diploma 
    Medical Office Assistant & Unit Clerk Diploma

    Let’s discuss each program in detail.

    Dental Office Administration Diploma

    The Dental Office Administration Diploma Program at ABM College is a thorough course of study that aims to equip students with all the real-world knowledge and abilities they will need to succeed in this field. In just 53 weeks, students are well-prepared for the sector after receiving in-depth instruction in healthcare communication, medical terminology, and various dental reception processes. Additionally, via the 160-hour practicum, students have the chance to gain practical, hands-on experience in a dental administration setting, and hone their skills in the field they want to pursue.

    Offered at both Calgary and Ontario locations, this program is aimed at providing you with the necessary skills to get a job in the dental field. Upon successful graduation, you can enter the field as a Dental Office Administrator or Dental Receptionist.

    Personal Support Worker Certificate

    With the Personal Support Worker Certificate program from ABM College, you may play a significant role in the healthcare industry. With a focus on maintaining the safety, comfort, and well-being of clients, students gain a wide range of skills, including the administration of medications, nutrition, palliative care, and more.

    The Personal Support Worker (PSW) curriculum is quite comprehensive and covers a variety of positions, including attendants/respite workers, home support workers, health care aides, and personal support workers in Ontario. It was created as a component of the long-term care and support services reform initiative of the Ontario government.

    The program’s main characteristics include a thorough education that imparts essential abilities in medical management, palliative care, support techniques, and more; it enables you to care for people who require temporary or long-term help; has a flexible schedule, including nights and weekends, for your studying convenience; and enables you to operate in a range of environments, such as homes, assisted living centers, long-term care institutions, and more. You can find career opportunities as a Personal Support Worker, Nursing Assistant, Caregiver/Companion, Residential Care Aide, and Health Care Attendant.

    Addictions and Community Service Worker Diploma 

    A career in community support services is highly fulfilling. The influence and overall difference that professionals' work may make in someone's life frequently leads them to express a high level of job and work satisfaction. In a variety of contexts, including but not limited to group homes, outreach programs, residential treatment centers, domestic violence shelters, and numerous other not-for-profit and social service organizations, addiction and community support workers hold professional positions.

    ABM College's Addictions and Community Service Worker Diploma equips students in just 56 weeks with the technical and communication abilities required to work in the community and help those who struggle with personal, social, and/or substance issues. Students learn how to identify clients' emotional or medical needs and create support plans for them. After successfully completing the program, you can get job opportunities as a community support worker, family support worker, correctional facility support, and substance treatment center support.

    Medical Office Assistant & Unit Clerk Diploma

    The Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk Diploma Program at ABM College is intended to equip students with the core skills in technology, business, and communication required to operate in a medical office. Students are exposed to modern business practices and industry trends through this accelerated program. Student professional communication and the interpersonal skills necessary to function well in a healthcare workplace are given additional program attention.

    Prospective students should anticipate a wide range of work options because the healthcare sector in Canada is one of the fastest growing. Graduates of this program are qualified for employment in a range of administrative positions in hospitals, long-term care homes, medical offices, or other healthcare facilities. After completing this 54-week program, you can easily look for career opportunities as a hospital unit clerk, medical clinic office assistant, medical receptionist, laboratory clerk, and physician’s assistant.


    These programs in the health sector can give you an edge over the competition by offering practical experience as a part of their curriculum. The demand for talented medical professionals has been on the rise in the Toronto, Ontario region and formal education can help you score above the rest.

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