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    ave you been considering a career in Administration in Toronto? Office administration/business administration calls for a broad skill set and the capacity to multitask in even the busiest situations. Being adaptive is necessary because there is office administration employment available in a variety of businesses in the Ontario region in a range of settings and practices. 

    Students enrolled in various business courses at Toronto colleges graduate with practical skills that will enable them to function in a variety of office settings.

    Here are the top diploma programs in business offered by ABM College that can help you ace your career in the field of your interest in Toronto. 

    Administrative Assistant 
    Business Administration
    Accounting and Payroll Administration 

    Let’s dive deeper into each of these programs.

    Administrative Assistant Diploma Program 

    ABM College's Administrative Assistant Diploma Program equips students to flourish in any office environment by training them to be effective administrative assistants. To manage mail, papers, spreadsheets, databases, and other things efficiently, students learn how to use industry-standard computer software. To retain professionalism, students also receive instructions in customer service and communication. The course concludes with a 4-week practicum so that students can build up their portfolio of work experience. It helps you learn about the techniques you need to become a successful administrative assistant in Toronto

    Students gain knowledge of essential computer programs, typing techniques, office practices, and crucial interpersonal skills to help them become more self-assured and competent administrative team members. The Microsoft Office Suite, which includes Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook, is covered in-depth during the course of the students' education. Graduates complete the program with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet employer demands in an administrative job, combining essential technical competencies, bookkeeping and human resource skills with significant professional qualities.

    Average salary: The average salary for an administrative assistant is $54,817 per year in Ontario (

    Business Administration Diploma 

    Students who get a business administration diploma from ABM College possess the abilities and information necessary to cultivate an entrepreneurial or business mindset. After receiving a solid foundation in business concepts, including contemporary management trends and theories, students apply those principles to circumstances encountered in the real world. Graduates are equipped for a broad range of positions in the business sector.

    As a student you get the fundamental company knowledge, analytical tools, and management skills that you need to succeed in a wide range of contemporary business environments. Through this curriculum, you gain knowledge of a variety of business functions, including clerical work, management strategies, corporate communications, and more. 

    In the business administration program, the students get a solid foundation in the everyday activities in a corporate setting, thanks to the combination of different talents. You gain the attitude necessary to efficiently perform administrative tasks for businesses in any office environment through this curriculum. After completing this program, graduates are ready to move ahead in their career and land a suitable position.

    Average salary: The average salary for a business administrator is $57,167 per year in Ontario (

    Accounting and Payroll Administration Diploma 

    The Accounting and Payroll Administration Diploma Program at ABM College provides students with the knowledge and abilities required to successfully navigate the competitive accounting employment market. Students are given the foundation they need to succeed in a competitive employment market through practical study in accounting and bookkeeping foundations, accounting language, and software such as Sage QuickBooks and Microsoft Office.

    You may find employment in almost any field with a diploma in accounting and payroll administration from ABM College. Personnel in accounting and payroll are essential to practically every Canadian business.

    This curriculum offers a thorough understanding of both business financial statements and cash flow statements through the combination of accounting, Canadian payroll, and tax expertise. Additionally, this qualification incorporates principles of bookkeeping and accounting in practice. As a graduate, you leave the program with complete knowledge of the instruments used in the business as well as the hands-on experience provided by the necessary practicum.

    Average Salary: The average salary for an accounting and payroll administrator is $54,421 per year in Ontario (

    Final Thoughts 

    Administrative jobs are in demand in the Ontario region and enrolling in any of the above-mentioned programs can help you achieve your career goals in the business field. 

    ABM College offers various programs in health, business, and technology in Toronto. 

    To boost your career, contact us now! 

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