7 Administrative Assistant Duties That Make The Job Worthwhile

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    The sound of working in an office, indoors all day, may not be exciting to you, but there are seven administrative assistant duties that make it worthwhile. Aside from the professional career and the wide range of opportunities for growth within the position, there are other perks of the job once you complete an admirative assistant diploma program.

    Properly managing the assistant duties and responsibilities means you have the correct education and experience to offer excellent administrative support. The most important task you will do is provide office support for whatever organization you work for. This is a broad term to describe the various tasks that fall under what support will truly look like. 

    The seven administrative assistant duties that are worthwhile for a position with the average median salary of $25.93.


    This one is one of the most important tasks you will be responsible for as an admin assistant. You will be scheduling appointments and making updates to the calendars for staff.

    Staff Meetings

    Among your administrative duties, arranging staff meetings, will be one of the most important. You will be responsible for ensuring there's enough space and all members are informed for any staff meetings that need to take place.

    Manage the Telephone

    This may sound very basic but as office manager you will be responsible for properly answering phones and recording appropriate messages. This includes taking care of all incoming and outgoing faxes and keeping on top of communication.

    In-charge of Snail Mail

    You will be receiving all incoming mail and packages as the front point of contact for your organization. This also include sending outbound mail and packages, arranging courier services and whatever needs to be done. 

    Prepare Reports

    The administrative assistant job description can't be complete with the responsibility of preparing memos, invoices and other reports. You will also be given various documents that need to be edited before you can send them out of file them.

    Maintain Database and Filing Systems

    Among the administrative assistant duties is the job of maintaining all office databases and filing systems. This can be digital or physical depending on the organization.

    Basic Bookkeeping

    You will be in-charge of basic bookkeeping as part of the office procedures. This will include different levels of responsibility depending on the organization you work for. Transactions can include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by an individual person or the whole organization.

    There are other tasks that are part of the administrative assistants duties, such as maintain a clean and organized work area and professional personal appearance. The duties can also include industry specific tasks, again depending on the organization you find employment with. Overall it is a position which requires multitasking and comes with various responsibilities.

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