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Evening Student Recognition Event for March

We didn't forget about you evening folk! For those that have classes in the evening at ABM College we had a Student Recognition Event for you too! ABM College is so flexible! The evening Student Recognition event had a presentation from Muriel, a Health Care Aide Instructor at ABM College. Muriel gave a presentation on how to dress for an interview. What to wear and what NOT to wear. She had multiple wardrobes to change into, emphasizing her points. This was a very entertaining and informative presentation and we thank Muriel for it![caption id="attachment_952" align="align none" width="1000"]

Muriel Giving a Presentation

Muriel giving a presentation on What to Wear for an Interview[/caption]As per usual prizes were drawn and students participated in another fun game of charades! Student of the Months were awarded but there was a surprise in the Legal Assistant program. Antonio a Legal Assistant student, accepted his award but gave back as well. Antonio gave his Legal Assistant instructor Kamal, a certificate of appreciation. The spirit of giving was in the air![caption id="attachment_954" align="alignnone" width="1000"]

A student trying to get his team to win!

A student trying to get his team to win![/caption]After patiently waiting, students and staff enjoyed some food before the conclusion of the event. ABM College would like to thank everyone who came and participated in the March Student Recognition Events and we look forward to the next one in April!

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