Benefits of Massage Therapy

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    ABM College offers afantastic88-week Massage Therapy Program.Upon completion of the program you will earn a Massage Therapy Diploma and be alicensed Massage Therapist.One component of the program isthe practicum. These Massage Therapy students at ABM College need help fulfillingtheir practicum.For only$20 dollarsMassage Therapy students canput their training to work andmassage you. Why not help outthese students and get a massage for a discounted price?If you're still unsure here are some benefits of Massage Therapy. Massage Therapycan help reduce stress and tension in your muscles. Alsomassage canrelieveanxiety, reduce blood pressure, boost immunity and help with insomnia.Massage can not onlylower anxiety levels but increaseneurotransmitterscrucial to reducing depression.Massage therapyboosts your immune systemby increasing activity levels of natural killer T cells which are instrumental in fighting off viruses. This immunity boost is great, especially during coldand flu season!A great nights sleep is crucial in determining howthe rest of your day goes. According to Statistics Canada more than 3 million Canadians over theage of 15 (one in seven) have trouble falling asleep or even staying asleep. Massage Therapy puts you in a greater state of relaxationwhich leads to a better overallsleep.Sowhat are you waiting for?Make an appointment with an ABM Massage Therapy studentby calling them at 403-717-0647 or stop by theABM CollegeCampus locatedat 3880 29th Street NEto make an appointment for a 1 hour massage for just $20.00!

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