How To Become A Massage Therapist In Alberta

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    assage therapists are professionals who perform massage techniques for their clients. They offer key health services to people to relieve pain, stress, and provide physical rehabilitation methods. It’s an exciting time to become a massage therapist. You'll get to work with new and interesting clients, especially now that COVID restrictions are easing up across the province. In this blog, we’ll go over what you need to become a massage therapist in Alberta. 

    Becoming A Massage Therapist 

    To become a massage therapist in Alberta, the first thing you want to do is to look into a massage therapy school and find out which one is worth it for you. Take a look through the course syllabus and clinical placements (with hours) as it will help you determine if you will receive the right training that will be beneficial for you. Once you’ve registered for the course, make sure you pay close attention during your classes and clinic hours. The better you become at massage techniques during this period, the more clients you will have in the future. 

    While there are no set regulations to become a massage therapist, as a student you will need to attend a vocational school or college that offers 2,200 hours of training to join the massage association and bill for health insurance. A good tip before you decide to enroll in massage therapy school is to talk to people who already work in the field and see what advice they can give you or what you can learn from their experience. 

    Once you’ve finished your massage therapy course, which can usually take about two years, there will be opportunities in the future for you to attend professional development sessions and workshops so that you can keep your skills and services up-to-date. You are free to work as a registered massage therapist once you’ve finished your course and done the clinical hours. 

    Salary, Work Conditions, And More 

    If you’re exploring massage therapy as a career option, you’re in luck, because registered massage therapists are high in demand right now across the province. In the past two years, nearly 80 per cent of employers recruited for this role. A typical salary for a massage therapist can average anywhere from $29.79 to $38.21 per hour in Alberta. However, it can vary depending on experience, where you work, and what you’re able to negotiate. You can find out more in-depth information about a massage therapist’s salary

    As a massage therapist, you can work in many different environments, including your own home or office, travel to other residences, fitness centers, spas and resorts, massage therapy clinics, and shared spaces with other healthcare providers like chiropractors. Being a massage therapist also allows you to work your own schedule and set your own rates if you are self-employed, giving you entrepreneurial experience as well. 

    If this sounds like an interesting career for you, ABM College’s Massage Therapy diploma program will get you ready and prepared in just two years. With flexible class times and options for monthly intakes, you’ll quickly be able to become a registered massage therapist in Alberta. Learn more about how you can apply today or visit our blog for more education and employment information.

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