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    assage Therapy can help you relax, alleviate stress, improve circulation, flush out toxins, and boost your immunity. That means reduced discomfort in your body and more opportunities for a comfortable lifestyle.

    Your health will always be taken care of with your love for yourself. Having said that, there has been positive growth in massage therapist jobs in Canada over the past few years. The profession of Registered Massage Therapists is becoming popular with its recognition as an integral part of the health care services for rehabilitation and care. 

    Job placements for Massage Therapy Graduates of ABM College

    According to Alis Alberta, employment prospects for Massage Therapists look bright in the future. Massage Therapists' occupational group is projected to have an above-average annual growth of 3.3 percent from 2019 to 2023. Job opportunities will arise not only due to employee turnover, but approximately 225 new positions are likely to be available each year within this occupational group. 

    To become a Massage Therapist in Alberta, you need to enroll yourself in a certified Massage Therapy Online Progam to gain meaningful knowledge and skills to enhance your employability. It’s high in demand profession with a current average salary of $33.61 per hour for Registered Massage Therapists. 

    Factors Affecting Employment Outlook for Massage Therapists

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    The current employment market presents lots of job opportunities for Massage Therapists in Canada. Different provinces including Ontario and Alberta promise a secure future for Massage Therapy Diploma program graduates. 

    Concepcion Pasay, a Massage Therapy student at ABM College said, “I'm really finding my studies quite meaningful. I enjoy learning about anatomy and physiology, different kinds of strokes of massage to treat the body, and various other skills. As you learn the treatment, you start gaining the right knowledge on how to help other people through proper massage techniques.”

    The employment outlook for Massage Therapists is predicted to be affected by various factors including:

    • Industry trends in Health Care and Social assistance that affect employment.
    • Location of the employer.
    • Employment turnover (when people quit, job positions are created to replace them).
    • Growth of the occupation (new work opportunities). 
    • Industry size.
    Job prospects of Massage Therapy based on Location
      Job Bank Canada showcases an amazing employment outlook for Massage Therapy as an occupation in various provinces.

    Registered Massage Therapists earn well once they become experienced. You can be self-employed or work in a variety of office settings such as fitness clubs, spas or resorts, sports clinics, massage therapy clinics, and clinics shared with health providers that may include chiropractors, physicians, physical therapists, psychotherapists, psychologists, naturopaths, or dentists. Data shows that about 97 percent of people employed as Massage Therapists work in the Health Care and Social Assistance industry.

    Job Prospects For Registered Massage Therapists

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    If you are interested in making a career in Massage Therapy, then you must complete a Massage Therapy Diploma program from a reputed institute. There are multiple factors that you should keep in mind while searching for a suitable college to pursue a program for Massage Therapy. 

    ABM College offers an extensive Massage Therapy Diploma program where the students are equipped with in-demand industry skills and hands-on experience to make them job-ready. Highly qualified instructors impart meaningful knowledge to the students so that they know the trends and techniques needed to provide optimal care to people through Massage Therapy. 

    Mike Stone, Department Head, Massage Therapy at ABM College, says, “In my 25 years of being in the massage therapy field I am confident saying that the program at ABM College has a level of professionalism and content that far exceeds many other offerings in Alberta.  Our students have the opportunity to work with some of the best and highly qualified instructors as well as the outreach opportunities to get some exposure and hands-on experience with high-level athletes, complex cases, and high-end spas. This program will give you the expertise, ability, and education to excel in the massage therapy industry.”

    The students learn a lot during the classes and get a chance to implement their knowledge during practicum, where they get to work in real-office settings. “It's important for us as students to perform massages for practical experience. It helps to promote Massage Therapy to the people who are interested in pursuing it as a career so that they can make informed decisions and enroll in a college,” said Caroline Eulalio, a past Massage Therapy student at ABM College.

     Career Opportunities:

    • Registered Massage Therapist
    • Independent Practitioner
    • Fitness/Sports Massage Therapist
    • Clinic Massage Therapist
    • Spa Massage Therapist

    Dynamic Avenues for Massage Therapy with ABM College 

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    The future holds better avenues for the students with ABM College endeavoring to offer exciting employment opportunities to its graduates by setting up an employment agency. “ABM College aims for 90 percent graduation and 90 percent employment for all its students,” said Dr. Mohammad Baten, President of ABM College.

    The Massage Therapy Diploma program of ABM College has been producing professional Registered Massage Therapists after students successfully complete the program. Through its cutting-edge Massage Therapy program, the college offers a vigorous learning module, implemented through a detailed academic study and practical hands-on experience to make you job-ready. You gain the advantage of becoming a 2200-hours Registered Massage Therapist in Alberta once you graduate.

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