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How To Choose The Best School For Massage Therapy Program

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    ave you been considering a Massage Therapy Course but are not sure which school to go to? With Massage Therapy becoming a top career in Canada, 79% of employers have recruited for this sector over the past two years. For you to become a Registered Massage Therapist, graduating from a college of massage with a Massage Therapy Diploma program is essential.

    The process of selecting the right Massage Therapy school can be a difficult one as you can easily get confused with a variety of options available. To kickstart the entry-level massage therapy training in a perfect manner and acquire the requisite skills, you must do a thorough recce of schools near you offering Massage Therapy Programs and invest wisely into your education.

    Here are some useful tips for you to keep in mind while selecting the best school to begin your professional journey to be a Massage Therapist.

    Find a licensed college of massage

    A great educational experience leads the way to become an expert in your field. A licensed school will ensure that you get quality education from qualified instructors and that the standards are at par with the specific requirements. Research whether the school is licensed by the government to offer a full-time Massage Therapy education, has a valid curriculum, proficient instructors, and provides practicum. Ensure that you check all these factors about the school. The schools that are licensed by the Province of Alberta to offer Massage Therapy Courses are listed with Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education. ABM College is also licensed and offers an education that gets you hired.

    Right curriculum, learning module for your needs

    You’d like to know more about the learning module, the curriculum of the school, what it includes, whether it meets the industry standard, and the types of massage therapy techniques the school teaches. It’s important to know this because there are different elements to a Massage Therapy Program per school. If the school provides practicum training for hands-on experience in your field, that’s an advantage. Many schools assist in arranging training in a real clinic setting. You should also take note of the class schedule. Whether the school offers a blended learning program, online or on-site classes, pre-recorded or live sessions 一 it all lets you decide what is suitable for you.

    Check school’s credentials/reviews on professional platforms

    It always helps to check various professional platforms (Google Business, Glassdoor, and so on) and social media reviews for the Massage Therapy Programs of the school that you intend to join. You can find genuine feedback and facts about the college’s learning environment, pedagogy style, and the success rate of its graduates. You can also go to some government-supported platforms to check which accredited colleges offer Massage Therapy Diploma programs in Alberta. It helps establish the school’s credibility.

    Find out the local practice requirements

    Before you decide which school to enroll in for your Massage Therapy education, learn in detail about the program’s components. What does it entail to practice in your chosen province? Is it a regulated profession? In Alberta, massage is not a government-regulated profession, and you need to register yourself with one of the professional associations to be a registered massage therapist. Some associations that you can become a member of are: Certified Registered Massage Therapist Association, Massage Therapists Association of Alberta, and the National Health Practitioners of Canada. The advantage of enrolling with ABM College is that upon successful completion of your Massage Therapy Diploma program, you can become a 2200-hours Registered Massage Therapist in Alberta.

    Cost, financial aid, and eligibility requirements

    Another crucial factor to consider is the course fee, financial aid availability, and eligibility requirements. The majority of schools require a high school diploma, GED, or an aptitude test for you to be a student. The schools also interview the candidates personally. For a Massage Therapy Diploma, you need to be fully vaccinated and present appropriate qualifications. Only students enrolling in a full-time, licensed program are eligible to apply for federal and provincial student loans and grants. Keep in mind the dates when the program begins and get your documents ready well in time.

    We believe that the above-mentioned tips must have given you an insight into what factors you should consider in a school when deciding to attend a Massage Therapy Course.

    ABM College’s Massage Therapy program equips you to tackle all sorts of challenges as a massage therapist. Our 112-weeks long advanced massage therapy diploma offers intensive training through blended learning and makes graduates eligible to be Registered Massage Therapists upon successful completion. You can start your own massage clinic too. Learn more about how you can apply today.

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