ABM Massage Therapy Program has been NHPCA Approved!

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    We are now proud to announce that the Massage Therapy Program at ABM College has been recognized by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association. The graduates of this program will be offered a membership with the NHPCA given the completion of the course hours and practical experience. Being a member of the this association in Canada increases an individual’s employability as a registered massage therapist in a spa, clinic, or even to operate your own business. 

    This Approval for the program at the school will allow students to graduate with the opportunity to gain membership to the association as an individual while working as part of a business or to be self employed as a massage therapist. 

    This is a great accomplishment for the college, and is proud to pass on this chance for students to be part of this reputable organization after the completion of their program. The Massage Therapy program is one of the only programs that offer an "Earn while you work" advantage at ABM College. The students of this program are able to fullfill required practicum hours by practicing their skills on clients in the college's fully functioning massage clinic on campus. This gives students the opportunity to make money while attending school!The possibilities are endless for graduates of this program, for more information check out the website www.abmcollege.com or check us out on facebook, Twitter, or Youtube! 


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