5 Top Help Desk Analyst Trends for 2022

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    ith the majority of organizations turning to digital platforms to enhance their reach in post-pandemic times, help desk analysts play a pivotal role in providing excellent customer service and keeping all the processes intact. 

    A help desk analyst is a tech expert entrusted with offering their company's clients technical support for any IT-related subject, such as problems with computer hardware, software, networks, and operating systems. For problems beyond their area of expertise, they either assist users directly or recommend them to other members of the IT department. In addition, the duties of a help desk analyst involve assisting in receiving, classifying, documenting, and actively resolving end-user support requests. 

    There are many tools that help desk analysts use to keep themselves abreast with the changing market trends. In this blog, we’ll explore the top five emerging trends for help desk analysts for 2022. They include: 

    - Intelligent Automation

    - Enhanced AI Self-service Usage

    - Employee Experience

    - Collaboration With Hybrid Teams

    - A Wider Support Platform Range    

    Let’s dive deeper into each trend. 

    Intelligent Automation 

    An Abstraction of Intelligent Automation

    Automation is fast emerging as a preferred way of managing things in the customer service vertical. With companies worldwide adopting new technologies and solutions to offer the best services, automation has come a long way in helping enterprises to boost their efficiency and productivity. Intelligent automation can help put systems in place for seamless collaboration and connectivity within the organization. 

    For example, as a help desk analyst, you can set automated notifications or reminders for the teams to follow up with customers. You can collect data about the common issues that customers and employees bring up and possible solutions to them. The FAQ guide can be quite helpful for the teams to streamline processes and manage customer queries in time. Automation can save effort and cut costs by handling repetitive tasks smoothly. 

    Another example of using automation is that a survey of the service desk crew might reveal that handling tickets rather than dealing with IT problems takes up the majority of their workday. You can incorporate ticket routing into the automated workflow with help desk automation, ensuring a better experience for end-users and your support team. 

    Enhanced AI Self-service Usage

    User communicating with Bot

    Help desk technology majorly depends on self-service support. Organizations are transitioning to using more advanced tools for self-service support such as virtual assistants, bots, and AI-powered systems. These contemporary methods are fast replacing the traditional and time-consuming ones including the FAQ guides and articles with knowledgebase. 

    The AI-enabled chatbots and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems can track the problems stated by customers with the use of natural language processing and provide instant solutions.  

    Organizations can create self-service portals with helpdesk technology for both customers looking for persistent troubleshooting solutions for their problems and people asking for more assistance. Even the most basic chatbots can help users save time and effort by employing keyword searches to locate articles and useful materials for responding to specific questions. For them to continue to provide the best level of assistance, intelligent AI systems must be upgraded on a regular basis.

    Employee Experience

    Employee answering to client's questions

    As a help desk analyst, you are not only responsible for providing an amazing customer experience but for taking care of how employees deal with systems. The latest tools can help give extra support to employees when needed, given the current work trends where teams are located distantly. Even in a hybrid work setting, employees need seamless help desk assistance to collaborate with each other and immaculately manage tasks. 

    You can do so by installing software that takes care of employee needs on priority. Dashboards that are user-friendly and intuitive with easy guiding principles can boost employee productivity. The employees can benefit from unified communication tools that make it simple for them to switch between while working and finish their tasks on time. 

    Collaboration With Hybrid Teams 

    Four employees collaborating in a hybrid team

    With hybrid work gaining popularity, teams work in a variety of settings apart from the office. The systems need to be compliant with standards of hybrid work culture to adapt to the needs of employees working from outside of the workspace. There have to be unified systems and software for all to operate at the same wavelength. It’s a part of a help desk analyst’s job to ensure easy sharing and management of information files across hybrid teams. 

    Cloud-based storage becomes essential for all to access resources for smooth functioning. Employees are able to get hold of common resources such as updated documents, policies, presentations, and any other resources on the drive. 

    Helpdesk security and privacy are of utmost importance to the organization when it comes to allowing employees access to crucial information, no matter where they are located. 

    A Wider Support Platform Range

    Automation of digital functions

    The majority of old helpdesk tools largely depended on articles and FAQ guides to provide answers to common customers’ questions. Now, more advanced and engaging ways have emerged to serve both agents and clients. Customers can easily access video tutorials and rapid escalation alternatives instead of waiting for a professional to call them to resolve an issue. 

    There is a scope for improving future helpdesk technology with VR and AR guides that engage customers through user manuals and modern troubleshooting techniques. This is possible when extended reality choices become more widely available. Experts who have to go to particular areas to evaluate and address customer concerns shall have to make lesser visits with such high-quality support solutions.

    Final Thoughts 

    As technology advances, you need to update your systems and processes to keep at par with the latest trends. Help desk analysts help manage the flow of systems in an integrated manner by implementing the best practices. You can become a valuable member of the IT team as a skilled help desk analyst by learning high-in-demand skills. 

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