5 Interview Tips to Beat The Jitters

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    Cool, Calm, And Collected is The Way to go

    Now that you have your interview scheduled, the jitters set in, will you get the job or not? We have five interview tips to help you overcome your nerves and put your best self forward to your potential employers.

    Fist of all, it is normal to feel nervous before an interview, everyone feels it. The point is to come across cool and collected, so your employers knows you can handle pressure. That is what they will assess as soon as you walk in.

    The best way to get in the right mind set is to focus on the aspects of a job interview you can control and let go of what you have no say in. At the end of the day, all you can really do is give it your best shot, the rest is up to the employer. Take a moment and breathe. After all, you have worked very hard to get to this moment, don’t let your nerves overcome you.

    Our Five interview tips

    Let’s dive into the five interview tips to help you be cool, calm and collected as you stride into that interview.

    Get Plenty of Sleep

    The best thing you can do for yourself the night before your interview is to get some sleep. Being tired on your big day can lead to the impression that you are unprepared. Aside from that, a tired brain will function slower, among other side effects of sleep deprivation, which will get in the way of you performing your best in the interview. Looking alert and confident is one point in your favour so pass on the late night TV and head to bed for six to eight hours of recommended sleep.

    Prepare Your Documents in Advance

    To escape the morning stress of looking for important documents last-minute, assemble your portfolio and paperwork the night before. Have it ready to take on your way out the door. You can also read your research on the job and the company the night before. This way it is fresh in your mind during the interview. You will want to prepare your list of questions and answers in advance as well, so you have nothing to stress about the day of the interview.

    Have Your Outfit Ready The Night Before

    Once your nerves take over on the day of your interview, choosing an appropriate outfit can create a great deal of stress. To avoid this, get your clothes ready the night before, clean and press them if necessary, and make sure your shoes are clean and tidy too. All of these will be noticed by your employer, so it pays to look professional. 

    Breakfast is a Must

    Remember that dying whale sound your stomach likes to make to get your attention? You don't want that happening during your job interview. Try to eat something before and keep the meal simple. You do not want to excuse yourself during your interview because of something so easily preventable. Have something more than just a cup of coffee.

    Leave For The Interview Early

    Allow enough time the day of your interview for you to take a moment and prepare yourself mentally and physically for the event. Take the time to plan the route to your interview and leave your house with around half an hour to spare. You cannot predict what delays you might encounter. This one tip can determine if you arrive calm and confident or rattled and nervous. Be kind to yourself and leave early.

    These simple interview tips can impact how your interview goes. In fact, it is good advice for any day. How you start your day typically determines how the rest of it will go. Good luck on your big day!

    By: Sherree Hamilton, Employment Advisor at ABM College

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