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3 Benefits of Taking a Tekla Training Course

Learn What Tekla is all About

A Tekla training course can help you understand what the software is, how to use it, and what you will achieve with it. The software is made by Trimble, for construction and structural engineering, and provides you as a student with knowledge on how to operate it for customers. 

Steel detailing in essential for ensuring the strength of a building’s structure, the design and structural analysis along with proper steel detailing and accurate construction assures the building stays sturdy and avoids collapse. Tekla is used in the early process of construction, to develop steel fabrication drawings that give accurate information to ensure safety and efficiency once the project commences.

There are three major benefits of taking a Tekla training course that can put you ahead in the construction industry.

1. High Paying Work Opportunities

Once you have mastered Tekla software, you can find employment as a Steel Detailer, BIM Technologist, Structural Designer, and much more. The Steel Detailer position start with an entry level wage of $26, according to ALIS, and only go up from there based on experience. You can find employment in various companies and agencies.

2. Use Tekla To Establish Constructability

With the advantage of 3D model construction at your disposal, you can easily determine if the designs will hold up in the real world. This can help to estimate costs for the project and provide solutions for whatever problems you catch at the early design stage.

3. Save Time and Money

Using Tekla software to construct 3D models saves the company you work for, time and money. The 3D models provide information that will help you reduce risks and save time and resources in real world construction.

The training courses you take, are also fast paced to help you enter the job market as soon as possible, with all of the skills and knowledge to begin your career.

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