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Get up to $10,000 in Program Funding as a Health Care Aide student

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    Graduate as a Health Care Aide with funding of up to $10,000*!

    Thinking of becoming a Health Care Aide? Now is the best time to do so. The Government of Alberta launched the Health Care Aide Tuition Bursary Program, allowing a government bursary of up to $9,000 available for students who are starting their Health Care Aide (HCA) program after July 1st, 2022. This is due to the high demand for HCA workers across the province. 

    ABM College students are eligible to receive the funding and can also receive a $1,000 award. Application for the government funding is through NorQuest College, who are the government-appointed administrators. 

    How to Apply: 

    1. Visit the Alberta Health Care Aide bursaries on the NorQuest website.
    2. Provide proof of enrollment to ABM College’s licensed Health Care Aide certificate program.
    3. Submit the Return to Service Agreement. 

    Getting the funds: 

    • $3,000 – Completing course 1 to 5 of the Health Care Aide Bursary program.
    • $6,000 – Completing the licensed HCA course, including the provincial final exam, and signing of an 'Return to Service Agreement' with NorQuest College.

    Additional funding: 

    • $1,000 – Completion award from ABM College once you have completed the course and passed the provincial exam. 

    What is a Return to Service Agreement?

    A Return to Service Agreement means that you have agreed to work a minimum of 2000 hours as a Health Care Aide at one of the 170+ identified continuing care operators within two years from your employment start date. 


    In order to be eligible for this bursary you should: 

    • Be enrolled in an Alberta licensed Health Care Aide program that begins on or after July 1, 2022.
    • It is preferred if you attend a Health Care Aide program full-time or currently work for a continuing care operator (community or facility) in a non-clinical capacity.
    • Submit a Health Care Aide Tuition Bursary application form along with the supporting documents. 
    • Be willing and able to sign a return to service agreement with NorQuest College.

    Other requirements: 

    • You must complete your HCA program within 18 months (78 weeks). ABM College’s program runs 33 weeks long. 
    • Within two months of completing the program, you must start your employment with an approved continuing care operator. 
    • Report any changes in employment status to NorQuest College. 

    If eligibility and requirements are not met, students will need to pay back the bursary money. 

    Contact us today to apply for ABM College’s monthly intake for the Health Care Aide Program and get a head start on your future. 

    Not a student? There is still financial help available to you if you have already graduated or are working.

    Additional bursaries available include: 

    • Financial Incentive Program: For those who were students in a Health Care Aide program between January 1st and June 30th, 2022 or received a Health Care Aide certificate. 
    • Health Care Aide Tuition Bursary Program (Dual Credit): For those enrolled in an Alberta secondary school and the school or school division is not paying for some or all your tuition. 
    • Health Care Aide Workplace Program Bursary: For those who are currently hired as Health Care Aides by a continuing care operator contracted by Alberta Health Services. 

    Please contact for bursary information.

    Ontario Challenge Fund

    The Government of Ontario announced the Personal Support Worker (PSW) Challenge Fund for 2022 to train up to 4,000 additional personal support workers through private career colleges.

    Eligible students can qualify for up to $13,690 in financial support which includes:

    • Bursaries of up to $7,725 for tuition, books and other mandatory fees, and

    • A stipend of up to $5,965 as a paid placement.

    Between June 1 and September 30, 2022, funding will be available to new students who are starting their training in a PSW program at a participating OSAP approved private career college. ABM College's Personal Support Worker program is OSAP approved. Apply through OSAP to find out more and determine eligibility.

    Contact for any questions or concerns. 

    *Students must repay the amount in student loans, however, using the $10,000 towards student fees is optional. Students can choose themselves how they want to use the bursary money.

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