The Top Upcoming Consumer Trends

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    Consumer demands needs are always evolving with time; to help you keep up, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the top upcoming consumer trends that are predicated to gain rapid popularity!

    Online Video Streaming

    In study with 9000 respondents aged 16 to 59, it was reported that more than 20 percent of 16 to 19 years olds watched more than three hours of YouTube videos per day! Online streaming videos are an ongoing consumer trend, especially because they are easily accessible through smartphones.

    Artificial Intelligence and the Demise of the Screen-Age

    The belief that artificial intelligence will remove the need for smartphones screens may seem futuristic, but artificial intelligence (AI) already exists today! Think of Siri and the iPhone - consumers are now hoping that artificial intelligence will branch out into new forms that will include AI personal assistants, financial advisors, search engines, and much more.

    The Internet

    I know you probably read the title of this trend and rolled your eyes at my need to state the obvious. The internet is obviously a very large consumer trend that has gained rapid popularity over the past decade. However, what many people fail to recognize is how or what aspects of this trend make it significant for marketers. Consumers are becoming more interconnected because of the wide variety of online services that are available, which leads to the “lifestyle network effect.” The quicker people adapt to a certain technology, the more the quality of the service improves.


    As technology becomes more advanced and the global reach of the internet continues to expand, hacking and viruses are also becoming more prevalent. Consumers predict that overtime, several different services and devices will become more susceptible to cyber-attacks.

    Information Sharing

    Consumers now feel more comfortable sharing information online than in previous years - this includes opinions, beliefs, and experiences. Some consumers believe that posting information online about a corrupt company is more effective than reporting it to the authorities. Looking for a career in business? ABM College is the place to be! Enrol in the Business Administration Diploma Program today!

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