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Outpatient Clinics

What is an outpatient clinic? First of all let’s break down the word outpatient. An outpatient is someone who goes to a hospital of clinic for a procedure which does not require an overnight stay.

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The term outpatient clinic can refer to a number of different medical facilities. These can have highly specialized types of care, or they may offer general care, like urgent care facilities. Such clinics may be designated “outpatient” because they are attached to hospitals but do not serve those requiring overnight hospitalization. However, this type of clinic does not have to share facilities with a hospital, and some are not located on hospital campuses.

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An outpatient clinic is just one of the places you can work at as a Medical Office Administration Assistant & Unit Clerk. At ABM College we offer the training you need to become a Medical Office Administrative Assistant & Unit Clerk in just 34 weeks!

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