Mothers are a Real Treasure – Happy Mother’s Day!

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    Mother is a treasure, once lost cannot be found again. She is a warrior and a survivor at the same time who bears the pain and gives birth to you. We should always be grateful for everything she does for us. It’s your responsibility too, to take care of her and give her all the love and affection that she deserves. Here's to the day for her, we are of course talking about Mother’s Day. It is a special occasion that honours the most important woman in our lives - our mothers. It is a day to celebrate the love, care, and sacrifices that our mothers have made for us. Never miss any chance to appreciate her, but this day show your appreciation and gratitude a little more for all that she does and continues to do for us. 

    In this blog, we will hear what our proud mothers (as students) from ABM College have to say about their journey and why they are proud of themselves. So, let's dive in and celebrate this special day with our mothers! 

    Sheena Sabas

    In Frame- Sheena Sabas
    1. Which program did you graduate from? 

    - Diploma in Business Administration

    1. What made you decide to go back to school?

    - I didn't have a degree back home in the Philippines, so I decided to go back to school to fulfill that dream, after searching a lot I decided to go to ABM COLLEGE.

    1. How would you describe your experience as a mother who is studying at the same time? How has it changed your life?
    Sheena while playing with her son - A proud Mother

    - When I started the course, I attended the morning classes so that my son was still sleeping while I was online studying, then I used to work in the afternoon until midnight. It was tough and lack of sleep because I am working while studying, then I have to take care of my son and chores. Not easy, but very challenging too because I have a lot on my plate. I just recently changed my job timings to the morning again so I requested ABM College for evening classes in order to manage work and study. My life has changed in a good way because I didn't even realize that I could do time management way better than before. 

    1. What would you say to mothers who are considering returning to school?

    - To all the moms out there, you are not alone in this journey and don't be afraid to fulfill your dreams as I did. There is a lot of support from ABM College and it's a great achievement for yourself and your family. 

    1. How would you inspire them to take the plunge?
    Sheena with her family

    - We are all thinking that maybe we won't be able to do it like studying, working and taking care of our family, but I'm telling you we can do it. You can do it. It's all about time management. It will change your life and your career for sure. 

    1. How important is upgrading your education to your present situation? 

    - It helps me a lot in understanding how business works, like the flow, and strategy, as currently, I do have a mobile Lash and Brow business.

    1. How would you describe ABM College? 

    - ABM College, Canada is not just about enrolling students to have a better career, the College is very hands-on with all the students with inquiries and concerns. They made sure that all students would have the greatest experience with their Journey. Thank you and I am glad I choose to be part of the great College in Alberta. 

    Joslin Aguinalde

    Moving further, we spoke with Joslin, another mother who is a student in the Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk program. She tells her story and shares her experiences with motherhood. From the joys to the challenges, this video is a heartfelt tribute to all the fantastic mothers. Don't miss this touching tribute to motherhood – Watch the video now!

    Final Thoughts

    Their experiences at ABM College are a shining example of how educational institutions can make a significant impact on their students' lives, providing them with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to thrive. To all the mothers out there who are considering returning to school, I urge you to take the plunge. Your dreams are worth pursuing, and you have the strength and resilience to achieve them. Trust in yourself and your abilities, and don't be afraid to seek out the resources and support you need to succeed. With dedication, hard work, and a positive mindset, anything is possible.

    A student writing on their notebook.

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