Morning Student Recognition Event for March

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    ABM College's March Student Recognition event was, in a word, dynamic.


    We started off with a presentation from Brandon, who is the President of Green Knight Environmental, which is aneighboring business of ABM College. His company deals with environmental consulting but his presentation was on "The Best Employee." Brandon talked about what he looks for in someone in the hiring process. After Brandon's presentation we had another one from an alumni of ABM College!Lois is a former Health Care Aide graduate of ABM College. She currently works in the field and shared stories of her experience. A couple of the stories were of how she used her CPR training to save someones life on an airplane and in a store. These presentations were both very unique and ABM College would like to thank Brandon and Lois. Of course student of the month certificates were awarded to selected students.




    er the presentations we drew prizes for gift bags and introduced three new instructors. We have two new Massage Therapy instructors and one Hairstyling instructor. Just before dinner we played a game where winners were awarded prizes! Students and staff were divided into 3 teams. One student volunteer from each team had to look into a bag and describe what they see without saying the actual name of what it is for their team to guess (kind of like charades). This was an enjoyable game for all! We would like to thank everyone who attended and participated in the Student Recognition events.

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