5 Ways ABM College Employment Services Get You Hired!

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    hy are employment services vital for students? In the present scenario of cut-throat competition, every student wants to excel and earn a good salary. To beat the competition and crack the interview, employment services help students prepare themselves for it and also cater to them with other employment services such as….. Today, many colleges/universities have started providing employment services as an integral part of the entire learning experience.

    Students have multiple options to advance their careers through online diploma programs. Educational institutions provide a conducive learning environment from the beginning to the end of a course. Career counselling and employment counselling provide students with direction and map their career paths based on their interests and available job opportunities. ABM College offers employment services to help students through the process of landing the job of their dreams. 

    How do Employment Services work at ABM College?

    Ying Zheng, Employment Counsellor at ABM College says, "At ABM College, we have a team of Employment counsellors to help our students and alumni with complimentary career counselling. Our services are ongoing which means students who graduated from ABM college can always come back to us to seek help. We help students create their career paths, provide job search strategies, chalk out action plans, resume and cover letter editing, as well as interview practice.”

    Ying Zheng, Employment Counsellor at ABM College
    Ying Zheng, Employment Counsellor at ABM College

    Zheng concluded that the employment services team ensures that every graduate of our programs gets employed in their field of study.  

    ABM College prepares students to be lifelong learners with analytical, organizational, and entrepreneurial skills. Our commitment to you continues even after you have graduated. Throughout your career journey, we are there to support you. Any activity we offer is open to you including resume, cover letter, one-on-one counselling, and much more. Let us help you in detail with how ABM College employment services are helping its students and graduates get hired. 

    Practicum Placement

    ABM College offers practicum as part of its education programs. The course provides students with hands-on experience and helps develop their professional skills. Giving students the opportunity to apply theories to real-world experiences is a priority for us. Most employers want to know that students can put into practice what they learned. Through the practicum, we ensure our students are well-prepared to meet the demands of the job market and excel in their chosen careers. Our practicum program is carefully designed to provide students with a comprehensive and well-rounded experience. We work closely with industry partners to identify areas where students can contribute and learn the most. This approach ensures that our students gain meaningful experience and valuable connections within their chosen fields. 

    Practicum is an integral part of our education programs, and we are proud to offer it to our students. With hands-on experience and practical skills, our students are well-equipped to succeed in their careers and positively impact their communities. 

    One-on-One Career Counselling

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    The team of employment counsellors at ABM College focuses on providing one-on-one career counselling to the candidates. With this process, they understand the education, and skills and then help them find a job. During this phase, the problems students are facing with their interviews, not getting selected, and struggling with a job search are also addressed. Career counsellors also provide insight into the job market and requirements of different industries, helping candidates make informed decisions about their career paths. 

    To ensure effective career counselling, the counsellors at ABM College follow a structured approach. They first assess the candidate's skills, education, and interests. Based on this assessment, they identify potential career paths and job opportunities that align with the candidate's profile. They then work with the candidate to create an action plan for achieving their career goals, which includes resume building, interview preparation, and job search strategies. Overall, the one-on-one career counselling provided by ABM College is a valuable resource for anyone looking to kick-start their career or make a career change.

    Job Search

    image showing how a person is searching for a job
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    Job search is a difficult task sometimes because you need to have matching skills and desired education. For this, you need to prepare your resume accordingly. To help you find employment, our employment counsellors regularly post relevant job opportunities in the student lounge at our Calgary campus. Be the first to apply and if you're unsure which one is right for you, book a session with one of our career counsellors for support. We have also compiled a list of general and industry-specific online job search sites; check out our Job Resources section for more details. If you are on the job hunt in 2023, some tips from our counsellors can help you get noticed by recruiters. 

    Resume & Cover Letter

    Are you tired of submitting your resume to countless job applications without any success? Do you feel like your resume is not getting you noticed by employers? Well, fear not! Our career counsellors are here to help you perfect your resume and stand out from the crowd.

    We understand that the job market can be tough, but with the right guidance and tools, you can land your dream job. Our career counsellors are experts in the field and have extensive knowledge about what employers look for in a suitable candidate. They work with you to highlight your skills, experiences, and achievements that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Preparing the cover letter according to the job is the need and sometimes students fail to present the right cover letter to employers, so the employment team helps students prepare their cover letter accordingly. 

    LinkedIn Optimization

    How a counsellor is helping an employee for optimizing her LinkedIn
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    Not only do the counsellors provide you with counselling, they help you optimize your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is also the best source to find a job appropriate to your skills and education. Professionals have their profiles on this social media platform and it helps you build your network with like-minded people. 

    Working with a counsellor to optimize your LinkedIn profile can increase your visibility to potential employers and improve your chances of landing your dream job. So, don't underestimate the power of LinkedIn, and don't hesitate to seek a counsellor’s help to make the most of this valuable networking platform.

    Final Thoughts

    Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional, our counsellors are here to support you and find that perfect role for your new career. Let us help you take the first step toward a successful and fulfilling career! They provide you with the necessary insights and tips to help you navigate the job market with ease. You can land your dream job with the right guidance and tools.

    At ABM College, you can find the course that suits your interests and personality. Browse more of our health, technology, and business programs, to find your right fit.  Contact us today for more information about the aforementioned programs and how you can enroll in our programs. 

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    Good luck with your job search!

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