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    Companies work with staff positioned at different levels and departments with their expertise in particular fields. Administrative professionals are often the unsung heroes who do everything from keeping the office running smoothly to making sure everyone gets their coffee fixed in the morning. Their hard work starts when the office opens and ends when the last employee leaves the office. Recognizing the efforts of your support staff is essential in today's hybrid workplace with remote teams and in-office teams. 

    Each year, Administrative Professionals Day is observed on Wednesday of the last week of April. This year 2023, the administrative professional day falls on April 26th. The day is to celebrate the hard work and dedication of administrative professionals. It was first celebrated in 1956 when President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a bill that made it official. In 1982, President Ronald Reagan declared the third Friday of each May as Administrative Professionals Day.  

    Role of an Administrative Professional

    Admin Staff at ABM College

    As an administrative professional, you are accountable for managing multiple tasks at an organization, from managing the office supplies or coordinating travel arrangements for your company's executives to fixing the machines and providing the employees with necessary things. Many times during the events or conferences they are in charge of organizing it, or keeping a record of people attending it and also managing the food and water supplies. Whatever it is that you do as an administrative professional, it's vital to remember that your job is just as important to the success of your organization as any other position within it.

    The role of an administrative professional has evolved over time as technology has progressed and become more integrated into our daily lives. Today's modern office relies heavily on computers and other forms of digital communication – and so does its workforce! With this change comes new challenges: How do we keep up with all these new tools while still performing our everyday tasks? The answer is simple: We need skilled professionals like yourself who can help us stay organized without getting overwhelmed by all the changes happening around us every day!

    Administrative Assistant Diploma at ABM College in Canada

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    ABM College in Canada offers many Health, Business, and Technology courses. The Administrative Assistant Diploma is one of the Business Courses which will help you start your career after completing the diploma in 53 weeks. This diploma includes a 4-week practicum which will cater to students building their portfolio of work experience. Students will enhance their skills in industry-relevant software applications, computer skills, typing, administrative procedures, and interpersonal skills. Furthermore, they will have extensive training in the Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook. Most importantly, students can do this course online to help manage their work-life balance. So why wait? Enroll now at ABM College in Canada and explore the job opportunities waiting for you in the administrative sector. 

    Average Salary of an Administrative Professional in Canada

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    According to data reported from Indeed, the average salary for an administrative assistant is $22.55 per hour in Canada. Whereas, Glassdoor reported the average salary of an administrative assistant is $47,451 in Canada. Entry-level positions in the field will likely start at the lower end of the scale, but building experience will quickly get you in the average range. Today, many colleges offer degree programs in business administration or management that can help prepare you for upper-level positions in your field.

    Career Opportunities for Administrative Professionals

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    As a career professional, you are likely to enjoy a variety of opportunities for growth and advancement. If you're looking for new challenges, consider exploring the following options:

    • Information Clerk
    • Clerical Assistant
    • Office Personnel
    • Filing & Data Entry Clerk

    Benefits of Being an Administrative Professional

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    You may have heard that being an administrative professional is a rewarding and fulfilling career, but you might not know exactly why that is. So let's take a look at some of the benefits of being an administrative professional: 

    • Flexibility and variety of roles: Administrative professionals can find themselves in many different roles depending on their company, industry and even location. Some will be working as assistants to executives while others will be in charge of large teams or departments. This means there are opportunities for growth within all types of organizations, not just big companies!
    • Multitasking and networking: Stay organized and manage multiple tasks at once. Try to work with different teams, including the executive team and other departments. Also, go for more responsibility at work by volunteering for projects or training opportunities that will allow you to develop new skills and expand upon what you already know about the industry. Don’t forget to network with other professionals in similar fields so that when an opportunity arises at their company, they may recommend hiring someone from their network first (instead of advertising externally).


    When you think about the role of Administrative Professionals, it's easy to take them for granted. But when you stop and recognize their hard work, you'll see they're an integral part of any organization. Administrative Professionals are responsible for keeping your office running smoothly and efficiently – and they do this on top of managing their own workloads. They make sure everything gets done right the first time, which means less time spent fixing mistakes or redoing tasks later on down the line.

    So if you have an Administrative Professional in your life who deserves recognition today (or anytime), make sure to thank them! If you are interested in pursuing an Administrative role yourself, then check out ABM College’s Administrative Assistant Diploma program to have an insight into the course details. 

    You can also explore our Human Resources Administration and Business Administration Diploma Program to get in-depth experience in the administrative arena. 

    Contact us to learn more about our programs.

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