Interested in pursuing a Medical Office Assistant career in Canada?

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    s a Medical Office Assistant (MOA), you must be equipped with a comprehensive set of skills that combine administration, healthcare, and customer service. To ensure that patients receive the care they need for a healthy life, you have a significant role to play. This demanding yet rewarding career requires you to be constantly busy, talking to clients, scheduling appointments, and ensuring that the necessary healthcare documentation is complete and up-to-date. Look for more details about the courses ABM College offers to its students. 

    What role does an MOA play? 

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    The work of an MOA is unlike any other job. Their work has a profound impact on the health of the community they live in. The skills you possess as an MOA directly impact patients' quality of care. Your administrative skills ensure that appointments are scheduled efficiently and effectively, so patients can receive the care they need in a timely manner. 

    Your healthcare knowledge is vital to ensuring that patients receive the right care tailored to their specific needs. This knowledge is also essential to maintaining accurate and up-to-date medical records, vital to providing the most appropriate patient care. Your customer service skills can also help lower your patients' stress levels, and improve their overall well-being by creating a positive patient experience. In order to build trust, and ensure that patients feel comfortable and cared for, you must communicate clearly and compassionately with them.  

    What's the Demand for Medical Office Assistants in Canada?

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    According to Job Bank, the demand for medical office assistants in Canada is expected to total 33,700 new job openings between 2019-2028, with 33,300 new job seekers available. This makes medical office assistant one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada in 2023 and beyond. In Alberta specifically, medical office assistants are in high demand to support doctors, and other healthcare professionals in performing various clerical and administrative tasks. 

    On the other hand, if we talk about medical office assistant jobs in Toronto Canada, according to Oxford College, they are currently enrolling students virtually for 2023 start dates, indicating a need for more Medical Office Assistants in the Greater Toronto Area. Additionally, Jooble has over 9,000 vacancies for Medical Office Assistants in Toronto, ON, with salaries ranging from $18 to $21 per hour. Furthermore, Glassdoor has Medical Assistant jobs in Toronto, ON with salaries ranging from $32K to $51K. Finally, Indeed lists 814 Medical Assistant jobs in Toronto, ON, indicating a high demand for Medical Office Assistants in Toronto, Canada.

    A list of the skills required to be a medical office assistant

    Interested In Pursuing A Medical Office Assistant Career In Canada?
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    Starting a new career requires some skills to become an expert in the field you are going to work in. Some companies may require a medical assistant diploma or certification to accompany their minimum list of necessary qualifications, such as the following: 

    • Demonstrate an understanding of medical concepts
    • Strong knowledge of general office procedures
    • Adaptive to new technology
    • Well-organized and with strong attention to detail
    • Maintain an environment of privacy and confidentiality

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, being a Medical Office Assistant and unit clerk is a demanding yet rewarding career requiring unique skills. Your work has a significant impact on the health of the community in the area where you work. By combining administration, healthcare, and customer service skills, you can help ensure that patients receive the care they need for a healthy life. 

    There are certain benefits associated with opting for a medical office assistant online course at ABM College. This program gives you the opportunity to receive dual education. As ABM College’s program merges these two, you can be a well-rounded candidate with knowledge in both sectors and this combined education opens up many opportunities and allows you to enter the door of whichever path you choose to take. 

    At ABM College, you can find the course that suits your interests and personality. Browse more of our health, technology, and business programs to find the right fit. Contact us today for more information about the aforementioned programs and how you can enroll in our programs. 

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