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Higher Education Gets You A Job

More Jobs With A College Diploma

Higher education helps you get more job opportunities and land employment faster. College diploma’s and certificates are a prerequisite for many industry specific jobs in Calgary and elsewhere. 

Colleges in Calgary and else where offer education that is focused on training individuals for specific jobs, and equips students with real life experience. By the time of graduation students have what they need for the job market.

Aurora Tacardon, Employment Counselor at ABM College, says college education increases your chances of getting a job because of the skills you learn.

“The skills and training that we provide students will be their power when they get out into the job market,” she says.

An employer is more likely to hire a college graduate. This is because someone who has gone for training and has practical skills will do the job better. At the end of the day, employers want the best possible person to work for them. This is why college diploma's help you get a job.

Tacardon encourages you to focus on your career goals. Your focus is the driving force that will help you through your career journey. 

“If they (students) are focused and determined on what they want to achieve nothing can stop them, Tacardon says.

What Data Suggests

According to Statics Canada, education increases the chances of you finding a job. In Canada, 70 per cent of those with a college diploma had a job in 2019. The graph below shows how higher education can help you make a sustainable career.

The data collected with the labor force survey shows majority of college alumni have a job. This is the case even without a high school diploma.

College programs offer industry focused training, as well as, a practicum. Students graduate with theory and practical skills, which in turn allows them to succeed. Even the students who did not go to high school, but pursued college, have better job opportunities. 

Tips From The Expert

Many colleges also have employment training services available for their students. These services allow students to create resumes specific to their industry with the most relevant information highlighted. Students learn how to be professional and answer questions in a job interview. You learn how to find an opportunity and land the job.

Tacardon says resumes should not be created the same because each industry demands a different layout. It is important to highlight your skills so an employer knows why they should pay you for the job. She recommends seeking help from the employment counselor at your college if you are confused. They have the tools you need to become successful after graduation.


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