Graduation was a Success!

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    ABM College November Graduation ceremony and dinner was a success! Hearing from our Valedictorian, as well as two successful student speakers, and our very special guests Honourable Devinder Shory, MP, Honourable Manmeet S. Bhuller, Minister of Service Alberta, Mr. Dave Rodney, Associate Minister of Wellness, and finally Patti Papirnik, Director, Alberta Enterprise and Advanced Education. ABM College staff, students as well as family and friends were honoured to welcome these special guests to share the celebration with.

    Ministers at the graduation ceremony and dinner.

    These city of Calgary officials along with the President and CEO of the College Dr. Mohammed Baten made the third graduation ceremony with ABM a lasting memory for all of the guests in attendance. The student volunteers that helped with the graduation events were essential for the night going off without a hook! ABM College has some of the best students and the event wouldn't have happened without their efforts! Although Graduation for some of our Health Care aide and Medical Office Assistant has now passed with only pictures and lasting memories to hold onto, many of our current students are still hard at work finishing up courses, and practicum's and gearing up for the next wonderful graduation event to happen in spring of the New Year! ABM College could not have planned, executed, or enjoyed the graduation for the graduates, volunteers, staff and guests if not for the hard work of the graduation committee as well as from the ABM College staff that worked night and day for weeks leading up to this wonderful and exciting event! A big thank you again to everyone involved in the ceremony and formal dinner who made the night a success, and a big congratulations to the ABM College graduates!

    A student writing on their notebook.

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