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Becoming a Dental Office Administrator in Alberta

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    ental office administrators are in charge of all the clerical and administrative operations in a dental office, hospital, or other similar setting. Part of the Healthcare and Social Assistance category, some of their direct duties include dealing with clients and their insurance claims, answering questions and phone calls, and scheduling and following up with appointments. 

    People in this role also make sure that the dental office is fully equipped with all of the tools and materials needed to give the clients the best treatment for their oral health. While they may not be directly involved in patient treatment, dental office administrators still play a key role in making sure that the office is running smoothly and that patients are happy and satisfied with the care that they are receiving. 

    To become a dental office administrator in Alberta, you will need at least one year of post-secondary education in the field. The skills you will need to learn include working with softwares commonly used in dental offices, honing specific communication methods for healthcare, and sharpening your knowledge in financial systems and record management. 

    While most people who graduate from a program find related work afterwards, there may also be opportunity to find work in the field and take dental office administration courses simultaneously. Education from a diploma program is likely necessary in order to advance in the field and gain managerial roles, or even to gain more training in advanced dental practices. 

    With over 4,500 people employed in this industry across the province, there’s an above average outlook for employment in this field — that means dental offices are actively looking for dental office administrators and there’s many jobs currently available. There will still be as many or more positions available even in the time that you graduate from a dental office administration program, which is one of the reasons why it’s a good career to look into. 

    Salary for this job can range anywhere from $39,000 to $76,000 annually in Alberta depending on the type of dental office it is and what experience you may bring. Becoming a dental office administrator is a great way to get experience in the field and move on to other careers in the future such as dental technologist, dental hygienist, or even full dental education. 

    If this sounds like an interesting career for you, ABM College’s Dental Office Administration program will get you ready and prepared in just a year’s time. With the option to take the program online and flexibility with class times, you’ll quickly be able to become a dental office administrator in Alberta. Learn more about how you can apply today or visit our blog for more education and employment information. 

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