ABM College to Host Spring 2022 Convocation

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    raduation is not just a ceremony. It’s an acknowledgment of the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of students throughout the years that they have been studying.

    At ABM College’s upcoming convocation on May 17, we’re proud to celebrate the students who achieved their educational goals and are ready to accomplish great things in their respective fields.

    With graduates from different subject areas like health, business, and technology, ABM College ensures their alumni are well prepared for the workforce and inspire innovation and change wherever they go.

    What Makes Our Graduation Special?

    Graduation is the defining moment in a student’s educational career as it’s remembered as a milestone for years to come. It’s a time that many look back on fondly and enjoy reminiscing.

    It’s an extra special occasion for ABM College graduates as there’s a unique cohort of students who are new immigrants, single parents, career changers, and more. So, taking the time out to better themselves and improve their future through education is very admirable. It’s not easy to balance so many things at once, that’s why our graduates should take great pride in being able to walk the stage and receive their diplomas.

    The event itself is a turning point in many people’s lives – not just for the graduates, but for their families, and the industry they’ve chosen to enter as well. It symbolizes that life is constantly changing and new opportunities, challenges, and avenues will present themselves as time goes on. Getting an education is a stepping stone to greater things.

    Our Graduate Stories

    Many of our graduates have gone on to pursue careers right after graduation, making a positive impact in their communities and industries.

    Falon Hutlet, a graduate of ABM College’s Legal Assistant Diploma program, utilized her knowledge and training from the course to land a career in the same vertical. After Hutlet graduated, she began her job at a legal firm in downtown Calgary.

    “When I graduated, I felt so proud of myself,” she said. “It was a joy that I hadn't experienced in a while. It was nice to have a moment of clarity that ‘okay, this is my next step.’”

    Edwin Aguanta graduated from ABM College’s Education Assistant diploma program and got hired at the same school where he did his internship in Cochrane.

    “It gave me immense growth in my career. I’ve been using the techniques, strategies, and all the knowledge that I've gotten from the online course that I took from ABM College,” he said.

    Cherie Ann Padul is a graduate of the Addictions and Community Service Worker Diploma who found a job at the Schizophrenia Society of Alberta. She was also valedictorian for the program at the Fall 2021 convocation.

    “After graduating from this program, I’m lucky to have found a job already. It’s a very satisfying career,” she said. “I am very happy because I chose this program. I think ABM College is a very good school.”

    More About ABM College and Our Graduation

    ABM College will be hosting its Spring 2022 Convocation on Tuesday, May 17 at Jack Singer Concert Hall. We look forward to welcoming graduates, alumni, their families and loved ones, and other community members to this exciting event.

    If you’re interested in attending ABM College for an education that gets you hired, browse our program page to find a course that interests you.

    You can also contact us to speak to one of our admissions advisors to learn more about our diplomas.

    Read more about our Fall 2021 Convocation and get educational and industry insights from our blog.

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