Alumni Stories: How Falon Hutlet found her career as a legal assistant

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    alon Hutlet found quick success after graduating from ABM College’s legal assistant diploma program, utilizing her knowledge and training from the course to land a new job in the career she wanted. 

    “I do feel like this program changed my life,” Hutlet said. 

    The legal assistant diploma course prepares students to provide exceptional work in any legal, judicial, or corporate setting. 

    Hutlet started considering ABM College due to the close proximity to her home, but the decision to enrol was because she was able to connect with a recruiter right away for information on costs, class dates, times and length as well. 

    “The nice thing about ABM is that you can start almost any time of the year,” she said, adding that the peers she interacted with were at different levels. 

    “It was nice because some of them already knew a lot about the legal assistant program and some people started right when I started.” 

    After Hutlet did her legal assistant courses, she was able to get a paid internship position. It’s a requirement of the program for students to do a four-week practicum after they’ve finished their classes, so they can apply what they’ve learned in a real setting. 

    Taking the legal assistant course wasn’t just beneficial for Hutlet’s career going forward, but also for other aspects of her life as well. 

    “My next chapter was really exciting. I was able to move, I started a new job, I graduated, I felt myself almost getting healthier and more in tune with myself, which was great,” she said. 

    “When I graduated, I felt so proud of myself. It was a joy that I hadn't experienced in a while. It was nice to have a moment of clarity that ‘okay, this is my next step.’”

    After Hutlet graduated, she landed a job at a legal firm in downtown Calgary. She also pointed out the benefits that getting an education can bring to a person. 

    “My grandma used to say that education is the one thing that no one can take away from you, and it’s so true. I think people forget that knowledge truly is power. It’s the gift we can give ourselves.” 

    ABM College’s online legal assistant diploma program gets you prepared to enter the field and begin working in less than one year. Learn how you can enrol and take the next steps toward your career today.

    Discover Falon Hutlet’s full journey in the video below: 

    A student writing on their notebook.

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