ABM College Hosts Graduation In Calgary for All Programs

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    ongratulations to all the ABM College graduates who have successfully completed their programs. 

    On November 10th, ABM College held a combined graduation ceremony to celebrate all diploma program graduates from 2019, 2020 and 2021 who were unable to attend an in-person ceremony due to Covid-19 restrictions.

    Staff, valedictorians, and elected Alberta government officials took the stage to address the graduates during the event. Many of the speakers discussed the achievements and milestones students have reached despite uncertainty presented by the pandemic. 

    “These past years have been both challenging and rewarding. We made history studying online during this pandemic, and in these difficult times, we all emerged victorious,” said Melrose Moderacion, valedictorian for the accounting and payroll administration diploma program. 

    “Our experience with Covid has taught us to value little things, and each of us has had our own unique experiences.” 

    Graduates of ABM College were excited to cross the stage and receive their diplomas.

    Rajan Sawhney, Minister of Transportation of Alberta, spoke to the determination of students who came from other countries. 

    “It’s an incredibly special moment, no matter what grade, or what level you’re graduating at,” she said. 

    “There's no substitute for hard work. Many of you are newcomers and immigrated to this country. It speaks to your ability to navigate uncertainty, and your perseverance throughout.” 

    Mickey Amery, MLA for Calgary Cross, said that students have pursued curiosity, hope, desire, and a better outcome for themselves, their families and their children. 

    “Today is not the end of the pursuit, but rather the beginning of your individual stories,” he said. 

    “As you leave here today, you will take with you a gift that will stay with you forever. The tools that you receive from ABM College are essential to society.”

    Dr. Mohammed Baten, President of ABM College, said that the quality education students receive from ABM is important, as it sets up students to become independent and find meaningful jobs after graduation, as well as finding their own businesses and creating jobs.

    Dr. Mohammed Baten, president of the college, congratulates a student who walks across the stage and receives their diploma.

    He reminded students in his speech that making money is not the only purpose of life, but also to worship God and help the people of Canada and our home countries. 

    “You’ll always be happy if you help people and touch other people’s lives. There’s many opportunities ahead for ABM graduates.” 

    Graduates were thankful to the people who assisted them throughout their journey. 

    “On behalf of our fellow graduates, let me take this opportunity to thank the many individuals who have helped us reach our dreams,” said Moderacion. 

    “Thanks to our family, friends and staff of ABM College for constantly guiding us and supporting us in honing our skills and talents.”

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    You can catch a glimpse of the successful ceremony in the video below:

    A student writing on their notebook.

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