ABM College Offers $100k in Bursaries to Ukrainian Refugees

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    s a college, ABM is constantly working to improve the lives of its students, staff, and the general public. ABM College has committed $100k in bursaries in order to assist Ukrainian refugees who wish to pursue their educational goals in Canada. The funding is available for one hundred refugees, and is applicable towards any of ABM’s diploma programs for which they meet the qualifications. Enrolment begins immediately for classes that will begin in September 2023.

    According to Dr. Mohammad Baten, President of ABM College, “Education is a fundamental right and no one should be deprived of it. We are opening our doors for Ukrainian students by granting them $100k in bursaries for their education at ABM College, including those displaced by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.”

    Dr. Mohammad Baten, President of ABM College

    The decision by ABM College to offer this grant is a testament of their commitment to education and their belief that everyone deserves a chance to learn and grow. The financial assistance is intended to provide hope and a new opportunity for those seeking a fresh start in Canada.

    ABM began its efforts to help the Ukrainian cause in April 2022, inspired by the personal struggles faced by family members of our staff that were forced to flee the war-torn country. The inspirational account can be read in detail from the original blog and Calgary Herald article.

    If you’re inspired by our actions and want to change your future, you can contact us today for more information or read more about how ABM College fosters a healthy work environment

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