7 Reasons To Become A Dental Office Administrator

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    ental office administrators have an important role in the dental office as they gain and retain clients, help people improve their health and wellbeing, and have a unique set of skills to offer. In this blog, we’ll go through seven of the many reasons it might be beneficial to you to become a dental office administrator. 

    There’s demand and available jobs 

    One of the main reasons that many people pursue certain careers is because there’s availability in the job market. For dental office administrators in Alberta, there’s an above average demand and thousands of people employed in the job. That means that there is a projected increase in the amount of jobs available in this role for the future, so you can be confident in this career. 

    You can quickly get started in your career

    While other diploma programs might take a long time to complete, a dental office administration only takes about a year to finish, and that includes the practicum that you’ll do to gain some experience in the field and build your network of other professionals in the dental industry. You can spend less of your life in school and more years building and advancing your career. 

    You get to work in the healthcare field

    A misconception that people may have is that you have to become a doctor or specialist of some kind to be able to work in the healthcare field — that’s not usually the case. There’s many smaller roles that make the healthcare system work that are very important as well, and dental office administrator is one of them. It’s a key position that many dental offices are in need of. 

    You don’t have to deal with uncomfortable aspects of healthcare

    Some people are interested in working in a healthcare related position, but are often turned off because they think about the undesirable things they might have to deal with, for example interacting with bodily functions, body parts or certain procedures. Becoming a dental office administrator allows you to use your skills in healthcare without typically having to deal with those things. 

    You can promote a lifestyle that you’re passionate about 

    Dental health is very important regardless of age or where you are in life. As a dental office administrator, you can feel good about promoting healthy practices that will improve the lives of clients. You can suggest at-home care and communicate with clients about how they’re feeling after procedures. Overall, you’ll play a key role in their health, happiness, and satisfaction. 

    You can put your social and analytical skills to work

    Being a dental office administrator requires a lot of interaction and contact with clients. You’ll be following up with their appointments and listening to their questions and concerns. You’ll also be involved with a lot of organizational and analytical tasks like documentation of dental work, as well as dealing with money, costs and insurance on both the office and clients’ side. 

    You get both clinical and administrative experience 

    With being a dental office administrator, you can get the mixed experience of working in a clinical setting, but being the main player when it comes to administrative work. This experience will make you more well-rounded and open you up to new and unique challenges and job positions that not everyone will have the qualifications for. 

    If some of these reasons sound compelling to you, ABM College’s Dental Office Management Course will get you ready for this exciting career in just 53 weeks. Learn more about how you can apply today or visit our blog for more industry information. 

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