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    echnology trends are transient. They change very quickly, and to keep pace with the latest technology, you have to upskill or upgrade your education. The year 2022 introduced many new areas of technology that companies are hopping on to. It created a demand for many new technology skills in the market, leading people to turn towards online diploma programs even more. 


    If you are considering a career in technology, then you must choose the best online IT program for yourself. It’ll help you gain relevant skills and knowledge to kickstart your dream IT career. There exists a skills shortage in the IT industry and companies are searching for highly skilled IT professionals who can create, design, and maintain a variety of tech solutions. According to Randstad, the in-demand jobs in the IT industry seek analytical skills and strategizing work plans to run the technological systems efficiently. The salaries are expected to rise too based on the skills shortages. 

    Enrolling in an online certificate program can provide you with a gateway to a rewarding career in the technology industry. Realizing the importance of higher education, women too are coming forward and taking up various courses to advance their careers. If you need valid reasons to enroll in an IT program, here are some points to consider: 

    1. Stay up-to-date: Most of the courses offered impart industry-relevant knowledge and help you understand the latest trends in the industry. Enrolling in a course helps you ensure that you don’t miss out on any technological advancements that are prevalent in the market. It makes you stay abreast with the new developments and their usage. You can become adept at those technologies through these courses.

    2. Improve employability: With the latest skills in your basket, you can improve your chances of getting hired by the companies. They want skilled IT professionals who are well versed with the new technologies to manage their systems. An online IT diploma program certification can also give you an advantage over others as you would know the basics of what’s expected of you in that particular role. 
    1. Add to your credentials: The program adds to your credentials when you apply for jobs in the IT field. It comes as a strong point on your resume and assures the employer that you’ve done hands-on training in the field. It’s good to go for a course that’s in demand and helps you gain trending skills. 

    We believe that these are reasons enough for you to start your educational journey toward a better IT career. Let’s take a look at the top seven online IT programs you can pursue in Canada: 

    1. Data Science 
    2. Software Development
    3. Project Management
    4. Networking
    5. Cyber Security
    6. Digital Marketing
    7. Web Design and Development 
    Online IT courses are increasingly becoming a popular choice among individuals seeking a rewarding career in technology.

    Data Science

    Data Science has come up as the top skill to possess over the past few years. Data is at the crux of everything in all organizations. Employers need trained professionals to derive meaningful details from huge chunks of data to simplify it and make informed decisions based on it. You can pursue various courses related to data science such as data science with R programming, micromasters program in statistics and data science, business analytics expert program, data science specialization course, and many more. 

    Average Salary of a Data Scientist: $95,044 per year or $48.74 per hour. Entry-level positions begin at $77,217 per year, and the most experienced workers can make up to $130,680 per year. (Source: ca.talent.com)

    Software Development

    The software development program focuses on imparting knowledge to students about industry standards and procedures, software and application designing, developing, and testing, and scripting languages such as Java, JavaScript, Jquery, and Python. The Online Software Development Program at ABM College includes a four-week practicum where students get practical training in a real work environment in the software development industry. The Software Development Certification Program aims to provide students with the foundational knowledge, innovative problem-solving skills, experience, and immersive training to step into the IT field confidently.

    Average Salary of a Software Developer: $76,107 per year or $39.03 per hour. Entry-level positions offer $63,545 per year, and experienced workers can make up to $106,451 per year. (Source: ca.talent.com)

    Project Management

    The project management team is integral to a company’s system as they help in picking up relevant projects, ensuring their timely delivery, and keeping a track of the budget. To become a project manager, you can opt for courses such as project management professional, certified scrum master, and various other programs. These programs will help you hone your skills in managing projects, negotiating with stakeholders, and liaising with different teams to get the work done efficiently. 

    Average Salary of a Project Manager: $82,889 per year or $42.51 per hour. Entry-level positions get $62,548 per year, while experienced individuals can earn up to $121,232 per year. (Source: ca.talent.com)


    Network administrators are at the helm of affairs when it comes to managing the computer systems and other devices related to the network. If you study networking tools and techniques by enrolling in a suitable Network Administrator Diploma Program, you’ll gain extensive knowledge about computer hardware, server deployment, network maintenance, and security. 

    ABM College’s innovative program includes hands-on experience with enterprise Cisco hardware and advanced tasks in MCSA Microsoft Server 2016. You graduate with a Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) A+ certification upon successful completion of this program. This certification aids in making you employable in a wide spectrum of positions in installing, maintaining, customizing, and operating computer and server networks.

    Average Salary of a Network Administrator: $69,894 per year or $35.84 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $60,000 per year, and experienced people can get up to $91,271 per year. (Source: ca.talent.com)

    Cyber Security

    In the wake of rising cyberattacks and threats, companies have turned more vigilant about data breaches over the years. It is essential to ensure that sensitive data is secure and safe at all points. They need cybersecurity experts who can identify potential risks and protect valuable information from being compromised. 

    The cybersecurity certificate course gives students in-depth knowledge on how to safeguard digital information and gain expertise on developing, implementing, and planning how to best mitigate cyber risk. You learn cybersecurity fundamentals, network and computer security, computer science cryptography, and security analysis. 

    You become proficient in assessing cyber risk to provide the required technical support, manage the safety of systems, and ensure that anti-malware software is installed on all computers.

    Average Salary of a Cyber Security Analyst: $81,881 per year or $41.99 per hour. Entry-level positions begin at $71,282 per year, while the majority of experienced workers earn up to $108,474 per year. (Source: ca.talent.com)

    Digital Marketing 

    With more and more companies going digital, the demand for digital marketing specialists has grown tremendously. Companies seek skilled digital marketers who have knowledge about digital marketing trends, tools, and optimization techniques. It includes all digital channels including social media, email marketing, web design, SEO, and more. 

    The students of the Digital Marketing Diploma program at ABM College learn about Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Analytics, Mobile Marketing, and other prevailing best practices. 

    Average Salary of a Digital Marketing Strategist: $63,500 per year or $32.56 per hour. Entry-level positions get $52,390 per year, while experienced workers can earn up to $97,500 per year. (Source: ca.talent.com)

    Web Design and Development  

    This is a specialization that equips you with the right skills for building, designing, and maintaining websites, including core aspects of web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management. 

    The Web Design and Development Diploma program at ABM College teaches the students coding languages such as HTML5, CSS3, Java, PHP for WordPress, and Bootstrap. They even work on live projects to implement what they learn and gain hands-on experience. The program also delves deeper into the design aspects with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator to make students learn about creating high-quality web graphics. 

    A course in web design and development helps graduates meet industry demands and design unique functional graphics and web pages enabling them to work in front and back-end web development.

    Average Salary of a Front-end Web Developer: $76,542 per year or $39.25 per hour. Entry-level positions make $56,750 per year, and experienced workers can make up to $117,000 per year. (Source: ca.talent.com)

    Final Thoughts 

    As the IT industry keeps growing and embracing new technologies, the demand for well-trained IT professionals is also witnessing an increase. New emerging skills take over the past ones and it’s important to keep updating your knowledge to stay competitive. 

    ABM College offers a plethora of innovative trending online Technology programs that you can enroll in and get closer to achieving your career dreams within a year. 

    Want to start a rewarding IT career? 

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