5 In-Demand Digital Marketing Jobs

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    f you want to advance your career or start afresh in the digital marketing arena, you’re in the right place. With the majority of companies adopting digitalization to expand their services, digital marketing experts are in demand.

    There are various roles that you can apply for, considering the vast set of skills that you acquire while studying online digital marketing programs. Each role requires a diverse skill set, aptitude, and abilities. 

    Digital marketing trends keep varying and you have to attune yourself and your career goals accordingly. We’ll explore the top five trending digital marketing jobs in this blog and what they entail. 

    The top five in-demand digital marketing jobs are: 

    1. Digital marketing manager/coordinator
    2. Content strategist & manager 
    3. SEO & SEM specialist
    4. UX Designer
    5. VR Developer and Editor  

    Let’s look into each role in detail.

    Digital Marketing Manager/Coordinator 

    Two persons enjoying the aspects of digital platforms

    The job prospects for digital marketing managers/coordinators look bright according to the Job Bank. The digital marketing manager/coordinator takes care of digital platforms and online ad campaigns to generate leads, create awareness, brand promotion, and boost the organization’s growth. The role is quite diverse and may have additional responsibilities depending on the company's size and its strategy. 

    Being a digital marketing manager/coordinator, you work closely with social media managers, content writers, graphic designers, videographers, sales team, marketing team, and other departments to curate appropriate content for digital media.

    A strong understanding of everything related to marketing and business is necessary for an efficient Digital Marketing Manager or Creative Director. They must have demonstrated skills in financial forecasting, strategic planning, and execution, including developing a digital marketing plan. In addition, the person in this role needs to be able to lead while taking risks, make decisions with conviction, and delegate.

    Content Strategist & Manager 

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    Content forms the base for everything related to marketing. It spills over to different forms of advertising, branding, and promotion. Content strategists and content managers have to analyze the market scenario, SEO trends, incorporate the right keywords and produce high-quality content for different audiences. The content has to be fit to be used for various platforms. 

    As a content strategist/manager, you are responsible for developing content strategies and implementing them to derive the desired results. A Content strategist plans the type of content, be it long-form, short-form, descriptions, social media posts, marketing collaterals, or content for the web. 

    You collaborate with the SEO team to regularly monitor content marketing trends, execute competitor analyses, and perform audits for content. You may also be writing, editing, and publishing content. The ideal content strategist/manager not only excels at writing but also produces top-notch content that is effective on several platforms. Additionally, they must be imaginative, well-organized, and driven by their own goals.

    SEO & SEM Specialist 

    Two SEO specialist working together

    The role of the SEO specialist & SEM specialist is vital to any organization that is actively using online platforms for business promotion and to expand its reach. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) — involves mapping the right keywords, online trends, and placing those keywords in effective high-quality content to direct more traffic to the website or the desired landing page. You have to ensure that your company’s website ranks well on search engines like Google or Bing by publishing the right content.  

    For successful digital marketing campaigns, SEO and SEM are essential, and the highest-paid professionals in this industry will be those who can show a strong technical background and digital marketing competence, particularly in terms of management.

    As an SEO & SEM professional, you need to constantly keep updating your skills to be at par with the changing market trends. Most organizations want to appear higher in search engine results, thus they require personnel with these skills. The fact that search engine algorithms are constantly changing makes it challenging to specialize in SEO and SEM. To continually have a good ROI, businesses must stay current with their technologies and comprehend how they interact, and the larger the company, the more complex this can be. A solid and integrated SEO/SEM strategy will also be essential for e-commerce sites and other websites whose revenue depends on internet traffic.

    UX Designer 

    UX Design abstraction

    (User Experience) UX designers work on all facets of the user's contact with a product, including the user's very first experiences with a brand on a website, blog, or social media platform. To help the marketing team develop a comprehensive understanding of the target consumer, including their needs, wants, and objectives, the UX designer's function in the digital marketing team includes contributing their user research to that of the team.

    UX designers develop websites and digital marketing applications from scratch. They might have training in technology or experience in high-end design. The UX designer uses their knowledge to create sites, elements, and content that influence users to engage with the content, make purchases, and pass along recommendations to friends and coworkers. Simply put, the UX designer is charged with making the best design choices possible in light of the combined UX and marketing teams' research. 

    As a UX designer, you must understand audiences as well as have a thorough understanding of the product or service because your primary goal is to comprehend the website from the perspective of the entire marketing experience. Their function is crucial to e-commerce website optimization in order to encourage visitors to browse and make purchases. In order to optimize the user experience from beginning to end, they will often assume the lead position in project management for visual design and testing.

    Virtual Reality (VR) Developer and Editor

    A lady playing along in VR

    People that work in this industry typically have backgrounds in design, video gaming, or programming since they have the necessary skills. From a position as an assistant, tester, or editor, the objective would be to advance to one as a director.

    While the gaming business is a focus for VR professionals, other sectors are already adopting VR to create captivating experiences, including design, construction, retail, and education. VR is still a specialized industry and an expensive thing to buy. To improve the client experience, technology is being utilized more in digital marketing initiatives. 

    As a VR developer, you will have to carry out effective marketing campaigns because VR is becoming increasingly popular as a medium to draw in and engage customers. So brush up on your programming and design skills if this sounds like something that might interest you!

    Next Steps - How to Enter the Digital Marketing Field

    If you wish to build a career or upgrade your career in the digital marketing field, you can adopt various ways to do so. Some of them are as follows:

    • Network - Build connections with people in the same field and exchange ideas. 
    • Create a portfolio - Demonstrate your work through a collection of your work for potential employers.
    • Join social media groups - Become a member of social media groups with people of the same interest to have a better understanding of the market.
    • Find a Mentor - Connect with people whom you idolize and can seek advice from. They should be able to guide you through the process of finding your purpose. 


    With all these trending career paths and tips listed out for you to advance your digital marketing career, we hope that you’ll be ready to take the next step. 

    ABM College can help you achieve your career goals through its programs in health, business, and technology. 

    Contact us to know how we can help. 

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