Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for Spring 2022

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    igital Marketing in essence is very malleable and transformative. While you may have a certain way that your company stands out and how you market your material, there are methods you can switch it up for certain occasions. Many companies bring in something fresh when the seasons change. Spring is just around the corner, and in this blog, we’ll go through some ways that you can add newness to your material for the upcoming exciting season. 

    These trends include the following: 

    1. Incorporate different colours 
    2. Get creative with videos 
    3. Use virtual or augmented reality 
    4. Help a cause of your choice 
    5. Try out new content platforms

    Let’s get into it: 

    Incorporate Different Colours 

    For the most part, your branding will stay consistent, including the colours that you use and the fonts and styles you execute with (unless you’re looking for complete rebranding). But there are many ways you can spice up the colour palette that you use for spring. While you can’t change your brand colours overall, you could definitely change them up for a certain campaign that you’re trying to initiate for the new season. 

    Take Christmas for example, many people opt for red and green in their marketing materials to get into the mood for the season. Try colours that are associated with spring like orange, yellow, pink, and so on. Experiment with what you can do and how you can bring creativity into your designs. People get bored of repetition and like to see something fresh, so a couple of new colours will have your audience curious about what you’re bringing to the table. 

    Color labels
    You can find inspiration from popular colour sources like pantone, who craft their own palette for the spring and summer seasons.

    Get Creative With Video 

    As there’s a big transition from the dull, dark winter to the sunny, blooming spring, you want to reflect that in your storytelling. Think about how your product or service will improve the lives of consumers for the upcoming spring specifically, and incorporate those details into your marketing. Think about how you can change the lives of your target audience in the next few weeks or months - what will make them want to approach you during this time?

    When it comes to making video creatives, something you can do is to mix up graphics and animation with traditional videos. It keeps people engaged and helps them get excited about what you have to offer. It could be as simple as transitions over video and moving text, like in ABM College's video about healthcare programs. Keep it as short as you can to get the message across while wow-ing the viewer. With the animation aspect of it, you can incorporate new colours there, as mentioned above. Another thing you could do is make videos for TikTok that cater to spring activities specifically. Tiktok has its own ways of editing that doesn’t necessarily need to look clean and professional, but rather approachable and trustworthy. It could take less time to create while also giving you the upper hand. 

    Start Using Virtual or Augmented Reality 

    People don’t want to struggle with purchasing a product and then dealing with the hassle of returning it. That’s why online shopping is becoming highly personalized. If you haven’t already incorporated Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) into your marketing strategy, now might be the time to do so. Spring is one of those times of the year where people are looking for a fresh start and what they can do to improve their personal lives, and what products or services can help them achieve their goal. 

    Allowing potential customers to use virtual or augmented reality to see whether a product or service that you’re offering is a fit for them or not makes the process faster. They will come to a decision quicker and you will have increased clients. It truly enhances the customer experience. Don’t be fooled into thinking that there’s no reason your company would need AR, or it’s not a beneficial investment. There are limitless ways how this technology can be used, even though it’s something you may have to think about what works for you. 

    Help a Cause of Your Choice 

    Whether that’s an animal shelter, a crisis happening in the world, or an environmental initiative, people’s interest will increase in your work and what you have to offer if you show that you care - about anything. One way to approach this is to think about what interests your target audience. What do they care about? Or you can choose something that aligns more with your company values.

    Make it known what you’re doing on various platforms and channels, especially on social media to garner interest from all over. Involve your social media audience with your cause and keep them updated on what’s happening with the initiative that you’re working toward. Interact with your followers and conduct polls, ask questions, and enhance communication to see what they want from you and let them be heard. Socially responsible marketing is the way to go for the spring season. 

    ABM College Supports Ukraine
    In light of the recent crisis, ABM College decided to raise donations for Ukraine.

    Try Out New Content Platforms 

    Try different things and see what sticks, or what type of content your audience or customers would be interested in consuming. Social media is an established front, but there are new ways that you can make content that’s fascinating and shareable. Write informative blogs on topics that align with your industry. Start a podcast on a subject that is relevant to what you do and brings in new perspectives and insights. 

    No matter the content, it increases your reach and heightens your demand. It also increases your chances of gaining more followers - when you involve yourself in various content techniques, you’ll be tapping into all kinds of people. Some like reading articles more than listening to podcasts and vice versa. Figure out ways you can utilize and repurpose your content to fit various platforms. Of course, discuss topics relevant to the time it releases. Some spring content ideas could be about: getting outside more, staying healthy, celebrating spring holidays like Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Earth Day, and other religious holidays like Holi or Eid. 

    Hopefully this spring, you’ll be able to freshen up your marketing ideas and creatives to reflect the needs of clients this year. Spring is a great time to hold events, keep your marketing campaigns vibrant, and find new, creative ways to enhance your reach. 

    If you’re interested in learning more about digital marketing, ABM College’s digital marketing diploma program will prepare you for growth and a successful career in this industry. Find out more about how ABM College can help you reach your career goals or visit our blog for more employment tips and information. 

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